Bud Bargain: Can You Smoke a Fresh Cannabis Bud?

bud bargain

Experimenting with Cannabis use is not a new phenomenon in Canada and abroad. Greater cannabis awareness, greater acceptance of cannabis, and cheap bud in Canada are widespread. This has led to a fair share of enthusiasts looking to push the boundaries, and the question asked quite often is; are fresh cheap buds of cannabis fit for smoking? The answer to that question is as follows.

Why not Smoke a Fresh Cannabis Bud?

Right off the bat, let’s note that fresh cheap buds are not a bud bargain. You can’t just pluck fresh cannabis buds and smoke them, no – it doesn’t work that way! There are two main reasons why you are setting yourself up for failure if you are trying to smoke a fresh bud of cannabis. Fresh cannabis buds are not suitable for smoking and do not meet the purpose of smoking cannabis, and here’s why.

For starters, the fresh bud of the cannabis plant, or any plant for that matter, is a storehouse of moisture. Smoking a bud requires that you light up a bud, and fresh cannabis buds just won’t light up.

Now, if you do manage to light up fresh cannabis bud rolled up in smoking paper, you got yourself a very poor joint. The THC in cannabis does not activate until the bud is right for harvest and has been dried for a while. As such, smoking a fresh bud just picked off the plant defeats the purpose of smoking cannabis. The THC content in cannabis has a mood-altering effect that allows one to relax and enjoy post-smoking.

What are your Alternatives? 

This widely asked question is best followed up with another question; why would you smoke fresh bud when you can easily avail of cheap bud in Canada? There is a range of cheap buds you can look out for as a cannabis smoking enthusiast in Canada.

  • Pineapple Express: The Pineapple Express strain delivers 19%-25% THC content and 1% CBD content. The effects are best described as an ironically stimulating yet calming experience that many marijuana enthusiasts are drawn to.
  • Juicy Fruit: If you feel like there are not enough hours in a day to release your creative energies, enter the time warp that is Juicy Fruit. This 18% to 26% THC and 1% CBD strain will slow downtime in your head. As such, even if you’re always in a rush, be sure that Juicy Fruit will release the anxieties associated with being a busy person.
  • Orange Crush: Known to help with anxiety and depression, the Orange Crush strain makes for a lengthy but smooth high for some smokers. With 15% to 25% THC, and 1% CBD content, Orange Crush comes for $165 an ounce.
  • Black Diamond: If you are looking for the power-packed effects of smoking a quality yet cheap strain, Black Diamond is for you. With 18%-24% THC content, and 1%-4% CBD content, Black Diamond comes at the rate of about $180 per ounce.
  • Lemon Diesel: With 17% to 22% THC content, and 1% CBD, Lemon Diesel is well known for its mental and physical relaxing impact. When you need to wind down, Lemon Diesel is the strain for you at $150 per ounce.


While you definitely cannot smoke fresh cannabis buds plucked off the plant, you do have a range of cheap buds available for recreational use. These buds are non for a wide range of effects on the smoker, all of which are certified positive. Short of smoking fresh unsuitable fresh buds, these strains are the best you can find when searching for cheap bud in Canada.

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