Weed Online, Canada: How to rehydrate dried out weed?

Weed online Canada

Regardless of how well cultivated your weed or cannabis bud is, as it is with every naturally occurring element, it will surely dry out with time. When you purchase weed online, Canada, remember that this is something that happens with all, and there is nothing to worry about. In case you leave your bud exposed to sunlight or normal air for way too long, it can suck out the moisture from the same.

This happens in case the weed isn’t processed by the cultivators properly. However, you can surely bring your weed back to life to a usable condition to ensure that your money doesn’t go to waste.

Why is Dry Weed a Big No-No?       

Most of us would simply throw away a dried bud. However, this would cause complete weed wastage. Sure, smoking a dried-out weed doesn’t actually make any sense as it is doomed and will taste bad. Furthermore, it could affect your lungs and cause throat irritation as well.

Dried weed isn’t as easy to pack into the rolls either. However, there is a way to reverse this issue as long as you catch the dry-out problem in time. So, the next time you buy weed online, Canada, make sure you check out whether the weed is dried out or not and try to rehydrate the same.

How to Rehydrate Dried Weed?

Before we get to know about the ways to rehydrate the weed bud, let us talk about the reasons it dries out in the first place. Your weed works on the same formula as other leaves in the plant kingdom. It will dry out if plucked away from the plant and kept at a temperature that sucks away the moisture.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, the key is to store your weed the right way.

  • Wrong Weed Processing:

When you buy cheap weed, Canada, you need to take a peek at the weed processing to ensure that it is of the best quality. Raw cannabis leaves, plants, buds, and flowers must be worked through a certain process prior to usage.

To ensure that your weed doesn’t go to waste, the process of curing and drying is particularly important. This helps determine the longevity and quality of weed you get your hands on. If your weed is way too dry, it would be very harsh in taste and texture.

When marijuana begins drying, it mostly dries out inside out, and you won’t be able to tell the same until it has dried out completely. It’s only during smoking that one realizes that the bud has dried out.

  • Poor Storage:

Well, you can purchase weed online, Canada, by following a few simple and easy steps to get it delivered straight to you. However, storing it properly is the key to ensure it doesn’t let go of its moisture.

Even if you place it in a container that isn’t air-tight, the weed would dry out fast and won’t produce a desired high. The next time you look for a way to store your weed online, Canada, make sure you do it in a jar or box that is completely air-tight.

  • High Heat:

In case you have kept your weed in a place that is exposed to high temperatures, it will surely dry out. This particular process is known as Decarboxylation. It occurs whenever you tend to heat up weed.

Exposing your bud to a particularly high temperature might not be ideal. So, make sure you keep it in a place that doesn’t get direct sunlight.

How to Rehydrate the Dried-Out Weed?

In the rehydration process, you need to follow the simple relative humidity science. This process is termed microclimate. Here, you place a dry and wet object in the same container while sealing it off completely.

After you do this, the moisture present in the highly concentrated area will shift to the low moisture part. This shifting will keep happening until everything has been balanced out. The process is the same as the water traveling from a high altitude to a lower one.

This is a popular and basic fundamental that is used for weed rehydration. So, you can easily try out this method the next time you buy weed online, Canada.

Alternative Methods to Rehydrate the Weed

There are several alternatives for rehydrating weed apart from the one mentioned above, which include:

1-Moist Bread Method:

This particular method works in a way similar to the ones mentioned above that is relative humidity. To do this, you need to take moist bread and place it in the container. Make sure the bread isn’t soggy wet. Now place the dried weed in the very same container and let it sit out for some hours.

Make sure you check the wet bread to see if there is moisture present in it. In case there isn’t, spray some and allow it to sit out until your bud starts looking fresh and back to how you received it.

2-Terracotta Disc Method:

Most chefs make use of terracotta discs to keep their weed moist and fresh for long. When you buy weed online, Canada, you can also get terracotta discs to keep the same. To use it, soak your disk in water (warm) for 30 minutes and keep repeating until the moisture seeps into the bud that has been kept inside the disk.

3-Use Herbs or Fruit Peel:

Another well-known way to rehydrate weed is with the use of herbs or fruit peel. You can select any peel like grape, lime, apple, orange, banana, and so on. Now, follow the very same method of keeping your bud and the peel in the same container and repeat the process like the ones explained above.

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When you look for weed online, Canada, in its freshest form, the key is to store it well when it arrives at your doorstep. Always keep a container handy and make sure it’s air-tight. Doing this ensures that the weed stash is fresh and doesn’t dry out fast.

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