7 Things Every New User Should Know About Shatter

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Shatter is a very popular weed product. You can easily buy ounces of shatter in Canada from an online store and get it delivered at your doorsteps. Weed is legal in Canada and you can easily get it online at very affordable pricing. Shatter is different than your regular weed and is more potent & powerful in comparison. Using shatter could be a step up for any weed user. 

Before you start using shatter, it is important to know important details about it. It will help you enjoy its effects more. Weed comes in many forms and shatter is a type of weed concentrate. 

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1. It can Shatter Like Glass 

If you ever wondered why shatter is called so, it’s because it can shatter like glass when dropped. Unlike other types of weed concentrates, shatter is brittle and hard. It’s not sticky like hash oil or waxy like budder. It’s hard, translucent, and golden in color and there is a specific reason for it. It looks and feels like hard candy and can shatter like it too. Its glassy appearance also makes it an attractive choice. It may be hard but it can easily break when dropped on the ground. Don’t worry because you can still use the shattered shatter with your dab rig. 

2. Shatter Starts as Butane Hash Oil 

Although it’s not butane hash oil, shatters start their journey as butane oil. Butane hash oil is also known as BHO. Through the butane extraction process, shatter is made when pressurized butane is passed through a container containing ground marijuana particles. The resulting solution is poured into a tray where the butane quickly evaporates to leave behind a concentrated hash. Butane is an excellent solvent and it can easily dissolve the active ingredients in marijuana, such as CBD, THC, THCA, and terpenes. This helps in creating a highly potent form of weed. You can easily buy ounces of shatter in Canada from an online store. 

3. Shatter are Low on Terpenes 

When it comes to weed, terpenes play an important role. They are responsible for giving weed a unique flavor and aroma. It also has an influence on the quality of the weed, which is the presence of terpenes matter. It’s the aroma and flavor that make weed so desirable. In shatter, terpenes are very low. This is both good and bad. Bad because it doesn’t give the same unique flavor and aroma to shatter as it does to other weed products. The good news is that it helps make shatter hard and brittle. The absence of terpenes prevents shatter from becoming all gooey-like budder. Terpenes also act as a solvent, which is why their absence in shatter makes it hard. 

4. Lack of Terpenes Gives it a Clear Glass-Like Appearance 

The one thing that makes shatter different is its clear and glassy appearance. This happens due to the lack of terpene. But to get a pure form of shatter, it is important to get rid of all the terpenes. This can be achieved by adding more heat. After the butane has been extracted, the concentrate produced is further exposed to heat. In the end, what you get is very stable, clear, and transparent shatter. If you are looking for shatter, you can buy shatter at $50 ounces in Canada. It is a very affordable bargain. 

5. It Works as an Excellent Medicinal Marijuana 

Shatter makes for excellent medicinal marijuana due to its high potency. It’s strong and effective and will help you get instant relief. Both THC and CBD are known for their mind relaxation abilities. Shatter has a higher concentration of cannabidiols including THC and CBD. This is why they are considered an excellent option for people who use cannabis for medical purposes. Cannabis offers pain relief, anxiety, and stress relief and also helps in getting better sleep. When you use something as powerful and potent as shatter, you can expect the best results. 

6. Shatter Offers Cleaner High 

Smoking shatter doesn’t make you breathe combusted plant-like smoking flowers. This is why the high you get from shatter is cleaner than most of the weed consumption methods. You get the best high without hurting your lungs. At the same time, it can be used for medicinal purposes for the same reasons. The THC content in shatter can reach up to 80% which is a huge deal. It’s a pure form of weed and requires only a small amount at a time. You can buy ounces of shatter online and save money with $50 ounces in Canada. 

7. Instant High with Shatter 

Shatter offers instant high. A single hit of THC is more powerful than smoking an entire joint. The effect is instant and it will get you high really quick. The couch-lock effect is very common with shatter followed by relaxation and uplifting feelings. The effects may vary from person to person. Some find it more relaxing while some like it for its intense high which makes them forget everything. You can easily buy ounces of shatter in Canada online at a very affordable price. $50 ounces in Canada is considered to be a highly reasonable price. 

The Bottom Line 

Shatter is one of the most potent and highly effective weed extracts. It is known for its intense high, immediate effects and ease of use. If you are looking for something powerful, potent, and pure form of weed then shatter is your choice. You can easily buy ounces of shatter in Canada at the best price. 

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