Buy Weed Online: What is the Best Way to Avoid Weed Rot?

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Weed exposed to rot, or weed that is already rotting, is any weed exposed to mold formation. This informative write-up has all the information you need to understand about mold growth on weed and prevent the same. Read further to ensure that when you buy online weed, you preserve your stash appropriately.

How Does Weed get Moldy? 

Weed gets moldy as a result of exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, humidity, and sunlight. It’s easy to see that when you get weeds online or at a local weed shop, it becomes unsuitable for smoking if mold begins to grow on.

As such, you need to dispose of it, and that’s a loss when you paid good money for your stash. As such, it is important to prevent weed rot with the know-how detailed herein. However, it is worth reiterating that moldy weed is unsafe for smoking. Read further to know just why and avoid health complications bought on by smoking moldy weed.


Is it Safe for Smoking? 

When you buy weed online or from a weed shop, it is possible that mold could begin to grow on your weed stash with improper storage. For many, the temptation to do away with the moldy bits and smoke the rest is strong. However, no matter how you process moldy weed to make it fit for smoking, it is likely to smell terrible and make you sick.

Smoking moldy weed can lead to complications that are a lot more serious than an unpleasant smell or an ugly taste. The North Carolina discovery of dangerous fungi growing on weed is just one indication that moldy weed is unsafe. Moldy weed can also cause health complications such as –

How to Identify Mouldy Weed?

It helps to know how to identify moldy weed because you want to avoid smoking it for the good reasons mentioned prior. The first indication of moldy weed is a greyish white coating. However, you cannot go by appearances alone. Fortunately, moldy weed looks and smells off. So, you could tell moldy weed apart from the good stuff by just the fact that it smells and looks, unlike good weed.

Weed gets moldy as a result of exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, humidity, and sunlight. As such, the secret to avoiding moldy rot when you buy cheap weed online is to store it right. The right storage protects weed from being left in conditions that are just right for mold growth. Read further for accurate tips on the proper storage of weed to prevent rot.

How to Store Weed to Prevent Rot?

As mentioned, prior, proper weed storage is the key to preventing weed rot. Detailed below are efficient storage factors tips to bear in mind when keeping away your stash. Following these tips can save you money wasted on moldy weed.

  • Do not Put in Freezer: It may be common to put your stash into the refrigerator or freezer for better storage. However, it is too cold in the freezer and just the right conditions for mold growth.
  • The Right Temperature: The right temperature to store weed at is just under 77-degree Fahrenheit, or 25 degrees centigrade.
  • The Best Place: You want to store your weed in a cold, dry place at all times. Its best kept away from heat and sunlight. An excellent place to store your weed is in your cabinet or closet drawers.
  • Put it in the Right Container: As with all perishables, weed is best stored in an airtight container. This prevents exposure to moisture and humidity that may lead to fungal growth.
  • Regulate Humidity: Weed keeps best in relative humidity ranging from 59% to 63%. When humidity rises, it’s best to regulate by adding a humidity pack to the container in which you have stored your weed. This pack absorbs excess moisture in the air and regulates humidity.


As is evident, when you buy weed online, proper storage is the best way to prevent weed rot. You surely wouldn’t want to waste your precious hard-earned money on something that needs to be immediately thrown in the dust bin. Make your choice carefully and consciously by following these pointers mentioned above.

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