Can You Smoke Cannabis Seeds and Stems?

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When it appears that your present cannabis stashes bought from canna wholesalers are exhausting & so you consider your bowl of cannabis stems or package of cannabis seeds & begin to wonder whether you should smoke them or not.

Technically, you can crush cannabis seeds or stems into a powdered form & start smoking them. However, that doesn’t mean you should do it. Well, the brief answer is no. Moreover, there is no appropriate excuse for you to smoke cannabis stems & seeds unless you are anxiously waiting to get a sturdy headache afterward.

For starters, THC content is Nearly Zero in Cannabis Seeds & Stems

If stems & seeds are all you have left, then you have previously smoked all the good stuff of cannabis you got from canna wholesalers.

Stems & seeds contain nearly no THC. However, what little bit might be in there does not even come near to being enough to generate a high.

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Side Effects of Smoking Cannabis Seeds & Stems

According to some resources, smoking cannabis stems & seeds might cause gastrointestinal complexities like vomiting, abdominal pain, & vomiting. So, before buying your cannabis from canna wholesalers, here are some common risks related to smoking cannabis stems & seeds you should know:


One amazing fact about cannabis herbs is that they do not contain any toxic components. That accounts for why many consumers who experience negative effects frequently report mild & short-lasting adverse effects than other herbal concentrates. Nonetheless, the equation changes all of a sudden with regard to smoking, & worse yet, while smoking cannabis seeds.

Extended smoking of cannabis stems & seeds might increase your chances of developing chronic diseases like heart disease & lung cancer.

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2-A Far from Enjoyable Experience

Considering that the seeds & stems of cannabis tend to creak & pop when ignited, smoking these stems & seeds is not exactly an amusing experience. Therefore, avoid going thru the trouble knowing that the risks of smoking cannabis stem & seeds far compensate for the benefits of cannabis.

3-The Seeds & Stems are Shallow in Vital Cannabis Compounds

Before opting for canna wholesalers, keep in mind that the negligible quantity of THC & CBD in stems & seeds is not worth the unsavory effects & risk to your respiratory system that is associated with smoking. Moreover, smoking them taste like you are smoking chips of wood.

Inhaling the smoke from seeds & stems harms your lungs. Toxins & cancer-causing agents like carcinogens are released from the ignition of stems & seeds. Well, this harms your lungs & increases your chances of cancer & lung & heart diseases.

Aside from that, smoke cannabis stems & seeds might also cause:

  • Severe coughing
  • A sore throat
  • A raging headache

Therefore, whether you’re smoking marijuana stems & seeds for recreational or medicinal purposes, you’ll doubtfully experience any substantial benefits. Aside from wasting your valuable time smoking cannabis seeds & stems, you must consider other portions of the herb that comprises the highest concentrations of THC, CBD, & other medicinally beneficial components. Moreover, any great online cannabis dealer like canna wholesalers will sell you the real stuff, not the stems or seeds.

What to Do with Cannabis Seeds & Stems?

Seeds & stems are not worth smoking. Nonetheless, that does not mean they are totally useless. You might be able to utilize lingering stems & seeds. Precisely what you might do with them relies on how much quantity you have.

If you have a few seeds, you might plant them & try growing your own stash. Meanwhile, if you have an abundance of seeds & stems, think about eating them.

Before choosing canna wholesalers, here are some methods to make cannabis seeds & stems appetizing.

  • Brewed Tea

Prior to getting your brewing on, you should bake the seeds & stems in your oven for nearly forty-five minutes at 107°C (225°F). When done, cool it, & then mash them up.

Put those mashed steams or seeds in a tea diffuser & let them soak in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. In case you do not have a tea diffuser, you might soak your ground seeds or stems in a beaker of boiling water & then put a coffee filter on top of your mug & pour, so it filters your brew.

  • Making Stem Butter

Like that while making tea from cannabis stems or seeds, you might bake the seeds or stems in your oven at 107°C (225°F) for forty-five minutes & let them cool prior to mashing.

Put some butter in a saucepan & melt over gentle heat. Once the butter is entirely melted, put the grounded seeds or stems & let it boil for around half an hour, stirring often.

To filter it, cheesecloth is the best option. Just place the cheesecloth on the top of a glass jar & gradually pour the butter on top of the cloth. Now, let the butter cool & your stem butter is ready.

  • Add them to Your Food

Before opting for canna wholesalers, know that even though cannabis seeds & stems are void of CBD & THC content, they are rich in potassium, zinc, amino acids, iron, vitamin A, & magnesium.

You might add them to your pasta, salads, dressings, & oatmeal for a nutritional & nutty crunch!


The conclusion is that it’s not a great idea to smoke cannabis stems & seeds. It doesn’t matter how desperate you are or how drastic times might get; there are several other kinds of stuff you might do with them! Save yourself the danger of getting a pulsating headache & thank this blog later!

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