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Cannabis Cannabinoids: What Should You Know About Them?

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Marijuana is indeed a plant that has both recreational & medical use. The dried blooming tops, stems, seeds & leaves of the Cannabis sativa plant are used to make cannabis-based goods. Medical & recreational cannabis have different legal statuses in different states. People who are thinking about purchasing or consuming cannabis should 1st check to […]

Cheap Dabs: Cannabis Dabbing vs. Mooking

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You could be surprised to find that dabs are not a new concept. In contrast, this kind of cannabis has risen in popularity in recent years. With more states legalizing cannabis in the United States, a plethora of cannabis products, including dab marijuana, have been available on the market, including marijuana edibles, THC chocolate, CBD […]

Death Bubba vs. Blue Dream: A Complete Comparison Guide

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Some weed strains stand out due to their strong effects, which include medicinal benefits as well. Blue Dream & Death Bubba are amongst the most popular potent cannabis strains in the outlet today. Both the strains are popular for their incredible medicinal effects among their users. However, they are both different from each other & this guide […]

Can You Smoke Cannabis Seeds and Stems?

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When it appears that your present cannabis stashes bought from canna wholesalers are exhausting & so you consider your bowl of cannabis stems or package of cannabis seeds & begin to wonder whether you should smoke them or not. Technically, you can crush cannabis seeds or stems into a powdered form & start smoking them. However, that […]

Pink Death Strain – A Super Relaxing Evening Strain

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If you are looking for a cannabis strain that offers deep relaxation without causing an intense high, Pink Death strain is your bud. It is a rare hybrid cannabis strain that is 100% Indica. It is a beautiful-looking bud with a colorful display and sweet earthy flavor and aroma. Buying weed is so easy these […]

Know More About Cannabis Plants, Buds, Origin and More

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Cannabis is very popular, and its popularity grew after it was legalized in Canada in 2018. Even though a lot of people use it, it is still misunderstood by many, especially by those who do not consume it. It is important to know the basics things about cannabis buds as it will help you buy […]

Types of Hash You can Buy Online

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Hash or hashish is a type of cannabis concentrate that is highly potent and is made from trichomes. Trichomes are the most potent part of a cannabis plant. It comes from the marijuana plant, one of the cannabis plant species. Hash has a higher percentage of THC in it and is used for getting high. […]

Death Bubba: Everything You Need to Know About It!

Death Bubba

With a name that dawdles too close to its sleep-inciting features, death bubba is a much potent strain that provides strong results. The most highlighting characteristic of this strain is its ability to take out even the most seasoned consumers after just some hits. Many consumers classify the deep sleep caused by this strain as the closest […]

How Easy is it to Buy Cannabis Online in Canada?

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Many Canadians have been asking where to legally buy cannabis online since recreational cannabis was legalized on October 17, 2018. The answer is “it depends.” Whereas the federal government’s Bill C-45 legalized cannabis across the country, it left distribution & other limitations to the provinces. So, before you purchase legal cannabis online, please ensure to […]

Differences between Cannabis Wax & Shatter Online, Canada

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If you’re searching for a more concentrated & pure supply of weed, or want to learn more about various marijuana options, you’ve arrived at the right spot. Shatter & wax are more effective than consuming weed itself & can improve the effects of conventional marijuana use. Even so, it is advisable to determine what the […]