Cheap Bud Canada: How to Use THC Distillate the Right Way?

Cheap Bud Canada

Experimenting with cannabis is a fun experience, especially when the availability of cheap bud in Canada and THC distillate is widespread. As such, one can easily alternate between smoking cheap buds and enjoying your favorite treats with just the right amount of THC distillate to take your mind and your taste buds to la-la land. However, it does help to know how to use THC distillate the right way. Fortunately, all the information you require about its use is right here. Read further to know more.

What is THC Distillate? 

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, THC or Cannabis distillate is a newer by-product of the cannabis plant, quickly gaining as much traction as cheap buds. THC distillate is a potent concentrate extracted from the Cannabis plant. It is the primary ingredient in popular cannabis treats and candy. It is the base ingredient in cannabis vape cartridges. It is also an active component in THC and CBD oil.

THC distillate is often referred to as ‘The Pure’ primarily due to its molecular integrity. This potent potion is being actively promoted as the next ‘Big Thing’ in the cannabis retail space and is quickly catching up to smokable cheap bud in Canada. Because THC distillate does not have an odor or taste, or color, it is easily added to edibles that are just as tasty as regular treats but with psychoactive effects.

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THC Distillation Process  

The distillation process for THC distillate creates a product that is significantly different from –

  • Shatter
  • Wax
  • Hash
  • Cheap Buds

The THC distillate production process is intensive and is carried out on multiple processing levels, namely –

  • Crude Extraction This is the first step in THC distillation utilizing concentrated heat to separate chlorophyll and plant matter from cannabinoids. As mentioned prior, this is done using a heat-induced vaporization process. This process is carried out in distillation apparatus that collects cannabinoid vapor generated by heating. This vapor is then cooled to form a clear, clean, concentrated liquid.
  • Winterization Successful crude extraction is followed up by the winterization process that processes crude extracts to remove ethanol and get the extract back to its original pure state. This process removes fats, lipids, waxes, and chlorophyll from the crude extract and involves the use of ethanol, which is subsequently removed for a pure concentrate.
  • Decarboxylation – This is the process that facilitates the high that you get from THC distillate and CBD concentrate. This process primarily facilitates the removal of Carboxylic acid, which then results in the recreational and medicinal benefits of THC distillate.
  • Distillation – The final step in this process is distillation to separate cannabinoids and terpenes. This is done using evaporation, heat, and vacuum pressure. The separation of cannabinoids and terpenes takes place upon the process, coming to a boiling point. Worth noting is the fact that THC and CBD reach boiling points at different temperatures and at different stages of the extraction process.

The Advantages of THC Distillation 

While smoking cheap buds needn’t be done away with, the use of Distilled THC has its advantages that must be enjoyed.

  • Distilled THC has a significantly higher potency compared to other cannabis extracted by-products
  • This is a natural and purified concentrate
  • Its odorless, colorless, and tasteless properties make it perfect for adding to edibles
  • It comes with noted infusion versatility

Using THC Distillate Right!

There is a variation of uses for THC Distillate, courtesy of the versatility of this potent concentrate. The most popular among these uses are as detailed below –

  • Vapes – Many refillable and disposable vapes contain THC distillate and are widely popular. First-time users are advised to vape THC distillate with caution over time, as the potency of this concentrate gets you over the edge on a level beyond cheap bud in Canada.
  • Joints – A drop or two of THC distillate can be added during the joint rolling process for recreational marijuana use, which facilitates a significant high.
  • Tinctures – This small vial of THC distillate suspended in alcohol allows you to directly place a drop or two of the concentrate under your tongue with a pipette before ingestion. Tinctures allow you to enjoy the THC distillate high without conspicuous use of vapes or to light up a joint.
  • Edibles – Drops of THC distillate can also be effectively mixed in with edibles for a high accompanied by taste. You can either buy or prepare your edibles with an active THC distillate ingredient. The process of getting high through THC distillate edibles is noticeably slower as it is facilitated by your body’s digestion process. However, it is a potent high.
  • Topical Application – THC distillate can also be added to creams and balms for topical applications.


All-in-all, using the THC distillate the right way will surely give you an amazing never-like before high. We hope this information is enough to help you get started on your journey to a whole new feeling that is compared to none. While you do that, make sure you purchase your distillate only from a reliable seller.

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