Does marijuana affect men and women differently?

Does marijuana affect men and women differently?

One of the essential points to learn about the use of marijuana is that it will trigger you differently depending on your gender. If there is an environment where men outperform women, it is how much weed they smoke. Latest surveys indicate that as many as 3-quarters of cannabis smokers are male. Perhaps more surprising is that while marijuana abuse is relatively rare, males are often more likely to acquire dependency than females.

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Male vs. Female: Action of Marijuana on your Body

Women & men are distinct at various levels; socially, psychologically, intellectually, & in the way that weed affects them. While we both have endocannabinoid neurons – which is why we are allowed to use marijuana safely in the first place – the manner in which females & males respond to weed is very different.

The urban misconception is that females get even higher than males because of elevated testosterone levels & that they consume less. There is simply no merit to this claim, though. In fact, it’s been statistically established that because females have a better tolerance for pain, they do have a better tolerance for marijuana smoking.

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How marijuana affects men?

Men prefer to smoke cannabis in larger amounts & at higher percentages than females do. Often, male marijuana consumers tend to have increased levels of THC in their bodies, are believed to have a greater prevalence of recorded personality disturbances & panic disorders, & are less inclined to be weed-only customers. In addition, males are recorded to have a higher sensitivity to appetite enhancement & food consumption after marijuana use.

Another fascinating result for males is a decline in sperm production & sexual appetite. Elevated concentrations of THC can result in reduced testosterone levels. Low testosterone conditions can affect sexual function, libido & male fertility. It is important to remember that the THC-related declines in testosterone are transient & short-lived. Testosterone concentrations can be returned to normal levels after taking a brief weed vacation.

How marijuana affects women?

Females are more probable to feel dizziness after consuming marijuana. Often, females report consuming marijuana, especially when they are stressed, & can also experience lesser effects due to differences in body mass distribution. Another curious phenomenon is that females are more vulnerable to diminished visual perception following cannabis consumption.

A 2010 research published in the International Journal of Drugs Alcohol Abuse looked at the effects of cannabis withdrawal & the disparity between women & men. Women showed further signs of withdrawal, such as agitation, sleep disorders, & loss of appetite. Females were also particularly likely to experience stomach upset due to withdrawing, & this is not something that is widely noticed by males.

3 ways Cannabis affects females and males differently


As per a study undertaken by Washington State University on rabbits, females develop cannabinoid tolerance quicker than males. However, this should be mentioned that marijuana resistance, irrespective of gender, is growing rapidly.

What does that really mean for females? It could be important for females to reduce marijuana tolerance more frequently than males to bring levels of tolerance down to a lower level so that more and more cannabis is not required to experience the desired results.

Sexual Health

High levels of THC may induce transient low testosterone levels in males. Low testosterone levels may affect sexual function, male fertility & libido. It is essential to remember that the THC-related drops in testosterone are quick; levels of testosterone can be returned to normal rates after taking a short marijuana vacation.

Research by the Division of Psychology British Columbia University looked at marijuana & its impact on the sexual appetite of females. Researchers have shown that marijuana topicals can raise excitement & sexual arousal as well as enhance optimal sexual health. They reported that females typically have more favorable sexual effects from marijuana use than males appear to have. If you want to buy marijuana online, Cheap Canna is the best place to shop.

Stress Relief

In 2016, the report looked just at the stress effects of marijuana on women & men. Researchers found that active marijuana, when smoked, had “decreased dramatically” the exposure of males to pain. Compared to women participants, men reported more medication from the use of cannabis. This may mean that females require higher amounts of marijuana to experience the same stress relief that males experience at a lower dosage of the same material.

Other reports are in disagreement with these conclusions, as the Washington State University report. According to this study, females were more prone to stress relief from hemp, but only while their hormone concentrations were at their highest. These contradictory studies show the need for further knowledge on the subject.


Researches on the disparity in the effects of cannabis on women & men are only in their adolescence when it comes to final studies. However, the original results concluded that marijuana actually impacts women & men differently. Gender is definitely something that requires consideration when it refers to the effectiveness of marijuana medical drugs. There is a significant need for more clinical testing to reinforce what preclinical tests have already established.

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