Eating vs. smoking marijuana: what is the difference?

Eating vs. smoking marijuana: what is the difference?

There are a few significant differences between inhaling & ingesting marijuana, but  don’t worry – we have highlighted the main differences between smoking & eating marijuana to make it easier to manage these two ways of consumption. Remember that, regardless of the method of consumption, each individual will witness the results of cheap weed for sale in a unique way.

Furthermore, when you say “eating cannabis,” we actually mean “eating marijuana-infused foods & beverages” because merely eating raw marijuana flowers would not provide the effects we are discussing here. In fact, it will only give you an upset stomach because the cannabinoid (chemical compounds specific to marijuana) must be heated through a process known as decarboxylation before we can feel its effects. Cheap weed for sale from Cheap Canna supplies the best quality weed.

The Mechanism of Smoking

Smoking cannabis is among the most common ways to consume it, but how does it show up?

When you breathe marijuana smoke into the lungs, the bioactive molecules, like THC, are ingested almost instantly into your bloodstream and travel to your brain.

When THC enters the brain, this binds to the receptors throughout the cannabinoid receptors, most specifically the CB1 receptors, resulting in the euphoria linked with being high.

Smoking marijuana has a quick onset due to the short time during inhalation & THC hitting the brain. You will feel the consequences of marijuana almost immediately. Cheap Canna’s, cheap weed for sale, is the best marijuana you can have all over Canada.

What makes edibles work?

Edibles will also get you equally high, if not higher! When you consume marijuana in the manner of edibles, however, the high is completely different.

When you consume something tasty, it travels through your digestive tract and is consumed by your stomach. The active compounds of marijuana are then extensively metabolized, whereby THC is transformed into 11-hydroxy-THC, a substance that is both most potent & lasts longer than THC. Since an edible must pass through the gastrointestinal tract & liver before being absorbed into another bloodstream, the THC requires much longer to reach your brain. However, after it does, it becomes stronger & has a greater half-life.

The impact of your consuming method on one’s high

So now you know how both smoking cannabis & edibles work, let us look at how each technique impacts your high.

As previously stated, the sequence of metabolizing THC takes much longer when you consume an edible, generally ranging from 45 minutes to three hours. Because THC absorbs & metabolizes slowly, it takes more time to feel its effects.

However, since 11-hydroxy-THC is indeed more effective & it has a greater half-life than THC, the impacts are likely to be greater & last longer than it would be if you smoked a joint. Cheap Canna is the best website to visit if you want to buy cheap weed online.

When people smoke marijuana, but on the other side, the THC enters the brain almost immediately. That means you will get high almost instantly, mostly because of the quick ingestion of THC; the high will last less time than it would with edibles.

While the length & intensity of the high are affected by a number of factors (such as quality, dose, & potency), a high while getting stoned generally lasts 1 to 2 hours, while an edible experience will last 4 to 6 hours or longer.

How much you ingest is another factor that influences your high. Because smoking marijuana produces almost instantaneous effects, people could see how high they are in near real-time. As a consequence, they are much less likely to overindulge. The easiest way to get cheap weed online is from Cheap Canna.

Basic differences:

  • THC is absorbed by the body
  • Onset time
  • Efficacy of consequences
  • Length of experience
  • Difficulty in dosing

How to smoke weed

If you choose that smoking marijuana is the best way for you to consume it, there’s a few stuff you will need to get initiated: cannabis bloom, a smoking method or process & a lighter. Add the marijuana to your firing tool & light it with a lighter. Breathe the smoke, & you are smoking marijuana. Cheap Canna delivers cheap weed online to your doorstep.

How to consume edibles

Most dispensaries provide a variety of edibles, including various kinds of edibles (such as sweets, gummies, & chocolate bars), dosages, & CBD to THC proportions. You can also go the DIY route & make your favorite edibles at the house by making some marijuana-infused butter or oil. If you want to buy cheap high-grade weed online, then Cheap Canna is the best website.

Just be cautious. While making marijuana-infused edibles at home is relatively simple, controlling potency & dosing is much more difficult. Stick with professionally made edibles bought from reliable dispensaries for even more coherent dosing & a much more consistent perspective.


There really is no one-size-fits-all strategy for marijuana use. Different methods of consumption, such as smoking or imbibing an edible, would result in different perspectives. The best consumption strategy for you is determined by the kind of expertise you seek. Now that you understand the difference between smoking & edibles work and how every method impacts your health, you have all the information you need to select the consuming method that is best suited for you.

If you want to buy cheap high-grade weed online from a reliable online and legalized site, then Cheap Canna is the best you can have. So, stop wasting your valuable time thinking & questioning. Order your cannabis today from Cheap Canna. For more information about our products, ping us at [email protected] or follow our Instagram page at

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