Elements That Can Degrade your Weed

Elements That Can Degrade your Weed

The secret to long-lasting weed is proper curing and storage. If weed is not stored properly, it will lose most of its quality, and will not taste as good. Which is why so much importance is given to proper storage.

When it comes to storing your weed, it basically means keeping them away from things that can degrade them. Knowing about these elements can help you make your weed last for a long time. You can of course buy edibles in Canada in case you want something quick, but many people like smoking and vaping. You can enjoy a good quality high or CBD effects by storing your weed properly.

Here are the elements that can make your weed go bad:

1. Light

Light can be the biggest fact in degrading your weed. Unnecessary exposure to light can make weed go weak or lose some of its properties. Without the compounds like THC and CBD, weed cannot taste or feel good.

And, when talking about lights, almost all types of lights can be damaging to weed. For instance, a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) bulb can degrade your weed too as it emits a small portion of UV light. This is particularly unhealthy for THC as it only requires a small amount of UV light to degrade. Which is why you need to keep your weed away from light, any type of light.

2. Air

Air is another big factor that can degrade weed. Too much oxygen can decrease the quality of weed. At the same time, too little oxygen can also degrade it as it can lead to moisture related mold and mildew issues. The best way to address this issue is to vacuum seal your weed. If this option is not available, you can always use airtight cannabis storage jars.

3. Moisture

Moisture is another factor that can contribute towards the degradation of the weed. It can lead to mold and mildew as they thrive in the presence of moisture. But you cannot leave your weed fully dry as it causes the loss of terpenes and cannabinoids. It is important that you maintain the optimal moisture level so that weed can stay stable and not degrade. Perfect humidity level is needed to maintain the potency and taste of the bud.

4. Temperature

Temperature is another factor that can make your weed go weak. High temperature can dry out the buds, which will result in the evaporation of the terpenes. This will affect the quality of the weed as it will result in harsh smoke. And, the flavor will not be as pleasant as you are used to. Choosing the right environment for storing weed is very important. Temperature can affect the moisture level and as you know too much can cause mold and mildew.

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How to Store Weed Properly

The best way to store weed is to put them in containers with air-tight seals. Glass mason jars are one of the best ways to store weed. You can keep your bud fresher for long when you maintain the right temperature. Keep your buds away from all the other types of weed accessories as it may affect the quality of the weed. Lastly, buy high-quality cheap bud in Canada from a reliable seller.

The Bottom-line

So, these are some of the most important factors that can lead to degradation of your weed. You have to find a way to properly store your weed to keep it safe from elements like air, temperature, light and moisture.

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