General Cannabis Etiquette Every Stoner Needs to Know

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Using cannabis is a social activity and there are a few rules, especially for sharing weed with others. These are unwritten rules that experienced weed users already know. If you are a beginner, you might want to learn about them too. After all, joining the weed community is a commitment and following the etiquette can make you a genuine member.

The rules are nothing serious, it is just a set of etiquette rules that makes using weed more fun. Now that weed is legal in Canada, it makes sense to buy weed online, get them delivered to your home, share it with friends and follow the rules just for fun. The weed etiquette will help you when you are in a social situation and don’t feel left out. When it comes to using weed socially, there are some good and bad ways to conduct. You definitely want to learn the good ones.

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Here are the most common weed rules to follow when using weed socially:

  1. Ask Them First If You Can Smoke Weed In The Room

If it’s you who is having the party, you don’t mind using the weed in the same rooms as other people. But, if you are in someone else’s house, you need to ask permission if you can use weed there. Not everyone who is present there will use weed. So, you have to respect their choice and take your weed to the next room or outside.

It is important to ask them first and if they refuse, make sure you don’t force them. When passing joints, this is the first rule you need to learn. It is polite and will ensure that you don’t subject them to second-hand smoke without their consent.

  1. Bring your Own Stash

Just like dinner etiquette, weed etiquette dictates that you bring your own stash along to the party. The host will definitely appreciate the effort and will feel great if you offer them the first smoke. You can easily order weed online in Canada and get them delivered to your doorstep in less than two days. But that doesn’t make it free for all. Everyone has to pay for their weed and you can’t expect them to share all their weed with others. Imagine how you would feel if you had to share all of your weed with others.

Bringing your own joint is like bringing wine to the dinner you are invited to. It is polite, helpful and makes you look like you know things. This is probably the best way to get accepted into the weed community.

  1. Passing the Joint Etiquette

This is the mother of all etiquettes. This is where your future as a weed member will be decided. Don’t worry it’s nothing serious. When passing the joint, always pass it to your left. There is a long history to this tradition. You already know that weed users form a circle when sharing a joint. If you are lighting the joint, the rule is that you will have the first puff. The one who starts the joint has to take the first puff, always. Then you pass to the person sitting to your left.

You also need to know that you cannot hold on to the joint for long. You have to pass it on quickly after a couple of puffs. If you keep the joint for long, you are preventing others from using it and it is not a good way of conduct.

Apart from that, members are expected to speak up when their turn comes. So, don’t shy away from saying a few things while passing the joint around. Remember to always pass it to the left.

  1. Ask them Just Once

When you are sharing your weed, always make sure that you don’t hassle anyone who doesn’t want to use. Not everyone is a weed user just because they are there. Ask them once if they want to smoke, and if they refuse, don’t force them. This is the rule you have to follow. No taunting, no judgment. Simply pass it to the next person. This is a good thing about a weed user, they are all about freedom and respecting each other’s choices. Being polite is a good way to make the group feel comfortable and be accepted as a member.

The Bottom-line

These are the weed rules or etiquette that you need to follow when using weed in a social gathering. Make sure that you follow the rules so that you can blend in and enjoy the whole experience with others.

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