How Long Will You Stay High After Consuming Marijuana?

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Marijuana is used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Users who take weed to get high are often curious about one thing – how long can they remain high. This is an important question and will help you plan your usage.

The duration of the high will depend on the strength of the product, doses, and type of product you use. The window of “high” can be placed between 3 to 10 hours. Again, it will depend on many factors. The effects of marijuana can be measured in terms of driving ability. If you can drive properly without any issues, it means the high has worn off. The deep slumber you experience will depend a lot on your history of marijuana usage.

Here are some insights on how long can you stay high after using marijuana:

High from Smoking and Vaping Marijuana can Last for 4 hours

Vaping, dabbing or smoking weed can keep you high for at least four hours. Which means, your reaction time while driving will be diminished by 4 hours, after which you will feel better in control.

Smoking, or vaping weed provides instant high, within minutes of using it. It doesn’t take much time to react with your body. Many users like vaping as it offers a fast and efficient way of consuming weed. Since weed was legalized in Canada, people can now buy marijuana online in Toronto. The online sales have increased and so has the sale of accessories like vaping and dabbing devices.

For people who like instant effects, smoking and vaping offers the best option. It is portable too, as you can carry them around with you.

Edibles Offer Delayed but Longer High

For users who don’t like smoking, they often choose edibles. It is one of the best ways to consume weed. You can either buy edibles online or make your own. When it comes to duration, edibles offer up to 10 hours of high. Not just edibles, beverages too offer prolonged effects.

But edibles offer delayed effects, which means it can take up to one hour to take effect. The reasons behind this effect is that edibles first have to be digested and then it will be absorbed by the body. It will then enter your bloodstream. But you will be able to enjoy the intoxicating effects for hours after that. Depending on your doses and history of weed, the high can last for up to 10 hours.

Edibles are preferred by users who use weed for its medicinal value. It is easy for them to consume weed that way, especially older people. The same goes for weed beverages. You can buy marijuana online in Toronto in many forms including edibles and drinks.

Your Tolerance Level Determines the High

Just like coffee, a regular weed user will need a larger amount of THC to get the results. After a long use, your body and mind can develop a certain level of tolerance. They get used to a certain amount and will not create as much high as you want unless you increase the dose or switch to other forms.

But your tolerance level may decrease as you age or develop health issues. It all depends on your body and mind and their capabilities to sustain a weed lifestyle. If you are used to smoking weed, edibles may seem like a slow thing. It may affect the way you perceive the effects. Or your body may respond differently to edibles as your mind and body are used to smoking.

Everyone is different, and the duration of high will depend on your body’s and mind’s tolerance level. It is up to you to determine which type of product suits your needs best.

The Size of Doses Matter Too

When it comes to measuring the duration of weed high, the amount of product you use will affect the results too. Usually, 10mg of weed per serving can get you high. But, anything less than that may not create much of a high unless you are a new user. Even then, the level of high wouldn’t be that strong.

Now, if you increase your doses after your body has developed a certain level of tolerance, the high may last longer. Likewise, the number of times you use weed in a day will also affect the duration and quality of high too.

How to Determine the Duration of High

There is a standard rule for measuring it. It is determined by your driver’s reaction time. If you are very high, you will have a very slow driving reaction time. If you can still manage to have decent reaction time, you are not very high. When you are fully capable of driving without any hassle, you are not high at all.

But you have to remember that edibles cause high that can diminish a very significant reaction time, but it’s not dramatic. Nevertheless, you should never drive after consuming weed and make sure that you are fully recovered before getting behind the wheels.

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The Bottomline

The duration of high you get from marijuana will depend on lots of things including the product, method, doses and tolerance level. Your weed history will also affect the results. It is important to know what works for you and buy marijuana online in Toronto and enjoy your favorite weed product.

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