How to ensure that your cheap weed is mold-free?

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While you will hear & see rodents & insects crawling around, they are not the only life-forms that like to snack on marijuana plants. As it turns out, mold, a much smaller, evasive enemy, likes the taste of weed as well. So, before buying cheap weed, let’s learn how you can ensure that your weed is mold-free.

Ensuring the Weed is Mold-free


The easiest method to look for mold in your weed is to check the bud with your naked eye. Look for signs like:

  • Powdery appearance
  • Cobweb-like material
  • Dark spots on buds
  • Grey fuzz
  • Slime
  • Yellow fuzz

After buying your cheap weed online, if you don’t see any of these signs on your product, consider it mold-free.

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Your weed will show a wide range of aromas — from soft fruit to diesel fuel to dope. But if you smell urine or sweat, your weed has probably gone moldy.

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That said, some individuals have more delicate sniffers & will smell more of the bud fragrance even though mold is present. Moreover, some molds do not produce any aroma till they are further along in their growth.


Healthy weed that is properly ripened, like in cheap weed online, Canada, should feel crispy & dry. If your weed feels spongy or damp, it might be moldy.

So, always look for crispy & dry weed while buying them.

4-Look Deeper

If you have a microscope, you might detect the first signs of mold before its visible to your naked eye. Even a powerful magnifying glass or a jeweler’s loop might help you look deeper at the surface of your cheap weed.

Mold generates structures that look nothing similar to any other part of the bud. If you detect something out of the ordinary, it might be mold.

5-Search for Recalls

As a final recourse, you might check information media & even the cultivator’s website to search for recalls because of moldy weed.

However, this might not be the most reliable method to search for moldy weed — as many problems like this go unstated — but it might be effective if the product was large enough & shipped to several locations.

What Effects Will Mold have on Your Health?

The two most usual mold types in the weed are:

Botrytis cinerea is the least dangerous of the two, even though it might still cause severe health issues, such as lung damage.

On the other hand, inhaling aspergillus might cause aspergilloma (varying from cough to acute fatigue to bleeding trachea), infections, & even invasive pulmonary aspergillosis, which might be deadly if not treated correctly.

Therefore, before buying cheap weed online, always keep in mind that you should avoid these two molds at all costs.

How to Protect Your Weed from Mold? 


Never leave your cheap weed out in the open on countertops or tables exposed to light, humidity, & heat.

2-Keep it Cool, but Not Too Cool

You should never keep your weed near electronics or any other heat-generating devices as the heat will damage your dope.

Furthermore, never keep your weed in the refrigerator as the temperature alterations from opening & closing the fridge door every time might make your weed mildew & mold.

And especially, never store your weed on ice inside your freezer, as this will break trichome polymer heads off from the bud before you can take it.

3-Preserving the Original Aroma & Flavor

Never add fruit peelings to flavor your bud, even if someone tells you that it is considerable. Doing so will only add unwelcome moisture, mildew, mold into your weed.

Before buying cheap weed online, Canada, keep in mind that you should not place your bud in direct contact with any substance with a potent aroma, like:

  • Perfume
  • Makeup
  • Deodorant
  • Cologne
  • Aftershave
  • Shaving cream
  • Polish
  • Paint

You need to do this because exposing your weed to any cosmetic might result in tainted aroma & flavor.

Moreover, this is also why you should store your weed separately from your pipes, lighters, grinders, bongs, pokers, & other pot equipment. Those items will get your weed stinky with use & overpower the freshness you are trying to preserve.

4-Do not Put Much Faith in Plastic

Plastic, particularly plastic sandwich bags, is positively the worst method to prevent mold in weeds. Plastic bags do entirely nothing to keep air, light, cold, heat, or moisture out of the weed.

Even sealed plastic bags would not keep your weed fresh. Sealed plastic bags are actually leaky in several ways & will let every bad stuff in & all the good scents out from your weeds.

And, to make things worse, plastic is a terrible material for keeping weed fresh & mold-free because it has a static load that will pull valuable trichomes from the weed onto the plastic, developing a fine, sticky, dusty mess that you will never be able to get out of the bag.


Nothing kills joy like a moldy weed as it affects the flavor, the potency, & the aroma of your favorite weed strain — & not in a good way. Moreover, moldy weeds might even cause some severe health issues, so it is vital to ensure that your bud is mold-free.

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