How to intake weed? Check out the variety of methods!

How to intake weed? Check out the variety of methods!

Weed is not magic, but with regard to the way you get it into the bloodstream, the methods are apparently limitless. You may turn it into concentrates or confections. Eat it, drink it, smoke it. The orb is your oyster.

Gaining the physical & mental benefits of weed is largely reliant upon how it is taken in, with each method offering a unique experience & host of effects. It is crucial to understand your choices as the stigma surrounding the usage of weed has started to transform around the globe.

There are many ways to consume weed. As more consumers start to see the benefits of weed, people are also starting to find simpler ways to make topical solutions, edibles, THC oils, & much more. Every method of intake has its own advantages – depending on the reason for usage.

Before you buy weed online, take a look at some of these intake methods.

1. Capsules or Pills

Also termed as canna caps, THC pills have become a famous method of ingesting weed. THC pills consist of marijuana, commonly suspended in an oil.

You can make canna caps in an instant by placing decarded weed or concentrates straight into capsules. Include a sip of MCT or coconut oil & lecithin along with decarded weed to help with absorption; weed pills provide a secure way to intake cannabinoids.

The pros of pills or capsules make it suitable for individuals with respiratory issues. It as well delivers an accurate dose & can be utilized to treat various illnesses. The con is that the digestive mechanism of the body may intrude with its absorption into the blood flow.

2. Smoking joints

Joints are cheap to create as they’re made with ubiquitous materials. However, this is the default way for most weed users. In case rolling papers are much complicated, cones with props & straws to help stuff exist now & give takers a little more edifice to their smoking apparatus.

You will as well need to take care to stuff the cone or roll the joint properly, a mistake we are all sure to make at any rate once, leading to a feeble smoke that will crumble at soon as the ash gets to a soft point.

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3. Bongs

Bongs are a kind of water pipe favored by many experienced smokers. They might range widely in size & design & utilize the water to cool the fume before it reaches the lungs, making it easier to inhale.

The water as well acts as a filter, eliminating a few carcinogens found in fume. This, alongside the fact that they offer a fast, intensively high, as well as soothingly heavy inhalations dose, turns bong into a popular method to intake weed.

4. Pipe and Bowls

One of the best convenient methods to smoke weed is via a pipe or bowl. Bowls are modest hand pipes, quite similar to pipes of tobacco.

For many, bowls as well provide a method to consume lower doses without the inclusion of smoking paper like with a joint. Usually, bowls are made of glass, but can also be ceramic, metal, silicone, or wood. The more inventively inclined have been well-known to make homemade bowls out of commonly available commodities like apples & even bananas.

5. Bubblers

A bubbler is a combination of a water pipe & a usual glass pipe. They are smaller than a bong & usually quite bigger than the midsize bowl but utilize water in a similar way, providing a smooth, clean hit.

On account of their size, they are perfect for those who like bongs yet opt for smaller doses & are a good option while traveling. The ease of usage makes them an excellent choice for beginners & medium-dose users.

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6. Blunts

Blunts are to marijuana what cigars are to tobacco. In fact, blunts are mostly cigars that have their tobacco removed & have been stuffed with weed.

The tobacco wrap includes slightly excess buzz & many smokers like making use of the many choices of flavored smaller cigars to further improve their smoking experience.

7. Tinctures

Weed tinctures are either oil or alcohol-based extracts & can be taken sublingually or built-in into a variety of weed recipes. It is an underutilized way of consumption, & you must try sublingual handling– especially if you’re unsatisfied with edibles & smoking.

As they are promptly absorbed into the blood flow, sublingual weed therapies are famous for those seeking a quick but lasting dose of cannabinoids. Given that the dosage is simple to measure & regulate, tinctures are appropriate for both wellness & medicinal users, & they are great for individuals looking to test with smokeless weed consumption.

Tinctures are a useful choice for non-smokers, low dose in-takers, & those who are still not ready for the period of edibles.


New research & development in the world of weed means that even if you cannot smoke, there are many ways for you to get a dosage of CBD or THC. Whether you are a wellness user looking for the perfect balance or you count on cannabis to handle an illness, there is a method for you.

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