Is Eating Cannabis Edibles Better Than Smoking?

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With legalization of weed and easy availability of the products online. The weed industry has really boomed. And, with the boom came the options of consuming weed in different ways including eating them.

Cannabis edibles have gained a huge popularity, especially with people who use it for CBD. But you can also use edibles to get high. Edibles offer a wide range of benefits for people who do not want to smoke. You can easily buy cannabis edibles in Canada from an online store. And, you can choose from a wide range of edibles like cookies and cupcakes.

Before you start using the edibles, it is essential to know a few important things about the edibles.

What are Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis edibles are foods that are infused with cannabis and contain CBD and THC. Depending on your needs, you can choose CBD-based or THC-based edibles. You can make your own edibles at home by using raw cannabis, tincture, shatter, oils and other products by adding them to the food you are preparing.

You can buy edibles online too. Online stores have a wide range of cannabis edibles like cupcake, cookies, gummies, chocolate, and more. They are usually made by adding the cannabis into the mix, for example brownie mix. But, using raw cannabis is not enough. Without the heat, no THC or CBD will be released. So, you need to grind the cannabis and bake them before using it in the mix.

Or you can use cannabis infused butter or oil to make the brownies and cookies. This will save you a lot of time and effort too. Baking will help release the cannabinoids present in the cannabis.

How Does Edibles Work

Unlike smoking and vaping, edibles take a lot of time to work. It can take up to an hour before you see the results. But, the effects of cannabis edibles are more lasting than other methods of consumption.

Edibles first need to go through the digestive tracts before they enter your bloodstream just like your food. Once they enter your system, the effects can last for more than 24 hours. If you are using it for CBD benefits to manage chronic pain, edibles are the best. And, if you are using it for THC then make sure that you use it during the night or when you don’t have any plans to go out.

Cannabis edibles work the same way as any other products by reacting with the receptors. The only difference is the time it takes to react. For many people, this slow but definitely rewarding consumption method is one of the best options.

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It’s easy to Consume

Cannabis edibles are easy to consume. They are any other food item you eat. For people who don’t like smoking or vaping, can easily use the edibles and enjoy the perks. You can make your own edibles or simply order edibles in Canada online. You can in fact, batch cook and store them to use it anytime you want. If you are using it for CBD purposes, it is easier to carry a cookie or brownie around than a vape. You can simply take a bite whenever you need it and enjoy the effects.

Spare your Lungs

Can’t stand the smoke? Edibles are your best friends. Smoking a joint can have the same effect as smoking a cigarette. Vaping is a safer smoking option than the pre-rolls as there is no combustion. Your lungs don’t have to deal with the harmful smokes with vaping. And, if you want something even simpler and effective, edibles are one of the best options. You will get delayed but  long-lasting effects of cannabis infused edibles.

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Edibles are Relatively Cheaper

Edibles are relatively cheaper than the buds, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. For someone who doesn’t like smoking, edibles are an affordable and easy way to consume cannabis. The reason for the low cost of edibles is that the processing is different than what is required for buds. Cannabis edibles can be created using oils and concentrates. Buds on the other hand need careful cultivation, and processing so that its potency remains intact.

Edibles are perfect for the beginners. It is easy to consume and there is no pressure of how to use it. You can slowly move on to vaping and dabbing as you get used to it.

The Bottom-line

Cannabis edibles are one of the best ways to consume weed. It is easy, effortless and highly effective. It offers delayed but long-lasting effects. And, you can choose from a wide range of weed products like cookies, chocolate, cakes and cupcakes. You can also make your own cannabis edibles at home and enjoy the amazing benefits it has to offer.

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