Know More About Cannabis Plants, Buds, Origin and More

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Cannabis is very popular, and its popularity grew after it was legalized in Canada in 2018. Even though a lot of people use it, it is still misunderstood by many, especially by those who do not consume it. It is important to know the basics things about cannabis buds as it will help you buy the right products.

Generally, people know that cannabis causes high. But it’s more than that. It offers a wide range of health and recreational benefits. It is highly likely that even some of the advanced weed users don’t know everything about the plant. If you are just starting with weed, knowing a little bit about it can help you find the right weed product online. Meanwhile, you can buy high-quality, cheap buds in Canada online.

Here are some of the basics things every weed user should know about cannabis:



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  1. It’s Like Any Other Plant

The cannabis plant is just like any other plant. Sure, it has chemical compounds like THC and CBD which makes it different. But essentially, a cannabis plant is built the same way as any flowering plant. You will find a lot of similarities between a cannabis plant and citrus trees. Cannabis contains the same type of terpenes as other plants. Terpenes as you know are responsible for giving a plant aroma and flavor. Cannabis plants have different flavor and aroma profiles ranging from fruity, and spicy to earthy and pungent. You can buy cheap bud online matching your flavor preference.

  1. Female Flower Buds Cause High

Did you know that only female cannabis plants are capable of producing flowering buds? That’s true, what you consume is purely made of female cannabis plants. Male plants do help in breeding, but it’s the female plant that produces buds and flowers that you consume. Female plant matters are used for making all the weed products. There are male and female cannabis plants and they are very distinct from each other. Male plants have pollen sac which helps in pollination. Flowering only happens in the female plant. You can only distinguish between the two plants at the flowering stage. At the seeding and vegetative stage, they both look the same.

  1. Cannabis Use Goes Back 10,000 years

You would think that cannabis is a recent phenomenon given the hype it enjoys now. But cannabis use goes back to 10,000 years. Before it was controlled and regulated by the governments, the plant was used for its medicinal value since ancient times. As far as the history of crops goes, cannabis is one of the oldest crops in the world. In countries like India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nepal, it was a part of people’s life. It was used for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. Although it was used differently than what people do now.

  1. Origin of Cannabis Can be Traced Back to Asia

The origin of the weed plant can be traced back to East Asia which includes China that you know today. This is not so surprising given that most plants originated here in Asia and were then taken to the West. A major part of Afghanistan uses weed and the plants are grown all over the country. Hashish is widely used here and the best hash comes from Afghanistan. Cannabis Indica most likely originated in Afghanistan or parts of ancient India, hence the name.

  1. It is Still Illegal in Many Countries

Apart from Canada, Uruguay, and a few states of the USA, marijuana is illegal in the world. Despite the benefits and campaigns, many countries still treat weed as illegal. Even if they are legal, their use is restricted. For instance, in countries like Thailand, only medicinal marijuana is legal to use. Medicinal weed is of course CBD-based. The online market is huge and Canada has seen a surge in the number of buyers. The best thing about the online weed market is that users with any size budget can buy weed. For instance, you can buy cheap buds in Canada at a low price without compromising on the quality.

  1. Weed has a Wide Range of Uses

Cannabis has gained popularity for both its medicinal as well as recreational benefits. You can use it for pain relief, relaxation, better sleep, stress, and anxiety relief, treating depression, reducing fatigue, and much more. You can actually select strains that offer specific benefits. For instance, Pink Death Star offers deep relaxation that can make you feel more happy, euphoric, and enjoy its relaxing effects to deal with stress and anxiety. You can actually choose from a wide range of weed strains to address your specific needs. You can buy cheap bud online in Canada if you like the traditional method of using weed.

Where Can you Buy Weed?

You can buy weed online legally in Canada from an online store like CheapCanna. Buying weed online is easy, convenient, and will save you a lot of time. It is important that you buy weed from a reliable seller who offers high-quality weed at a reasonable price. The fact is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy high-quality weed.

The Bottom Line

The cannabis plant has an interesting history and facts. Knowing more about it can help you find the right products and use them effectively. These facts will definitely help you understand the use of weed better. From its origin to use and where to buy it, the more you know about weed the better it gets.

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