Pink Death Strain – A Super Relaxing Evening Strain

pink death strain

If you are looking for a cannabis strain that offers deep relaxation without causing an intense high, Pink Death strain is your bud. It is a rare hybrid cannabis strain that is 100% Indica. It is a beautiful-looking bud with a colorful display and sweet earthy flavor and aroma.

Buying weed is so easy these days and you can order Pink Death strain online easily. But before you do that, get to know this strain. It will help you decide whether it’s a perfect match for you. It offers a wide-ranging effect and is ideal for people looking for a strain that relaxes their minds. It is something you can enjoy in the evening when you don’t have to go anywhere.

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Pink Death – An Overview

Pink Death Strain is a rare hybrid strain with 100% Indica in it. It is a cross between the Death Star and Blood Rose and is one of the most popular strains by the Riot Seeds. Riot Seeds was started by Mathew Riot who is a popular cannabis breeder. He is one of the top cannabis breeders in California and is well-known for very popular strains, such as Clockwork Orange, Pink Death star, P91, Heirloom Afghani, and Hawgsbreath.

The name Pink Death Star is given due to its pinkish undertones. Due to its appearance, this strain stands out from others. It has a dense bud formation with olive green nuggets with visible pink undertones. Its long, white amber hairs and crystal trichomes are present in every leaf.

When you break open the nuggets, you will be treated to its spicy, earthy aroma with diesel. When you inhale, you will notice the spicy and berry-like flavor. The earthy diesel flavor will leave a delicious aftertaste.

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What it is Known For

Apart from its beautiful foliage, Pink Death Star is also known for its mind-blowing effects. Despite being an Indica strain, its high will hit you as you take your final toke. Its effect is gradual and will take over your mind and body with force.

As a weed user, you would judge a strain by its effects and strength. You will not be disappointed in Pink Death Strain at all. Soon after you inhale the last toke, you will feel the impact in the form of deep relaxation. You will feel sleepy and it will have you couch-locked for a while. Depending on your experience, it will lead you to deep sleep in the end.

It is a highly potent strain with an average THC content of 23%. Its high potency will leave you completely immovable and you will fall asleep, especially if you are a first-time user. Make sure that you are aware of its effects beforehand so that you know what to expect.

Who is It For?

Pink Death Strain is the perfect choice for people with conditions like chronic pain, stress and anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, and insomnia. Its sedative effects create deep relaxation and hence are good for someone who is stressed.

Here are some of the effects reported by users:

  • A majority of the users said that it made them feel very relaxed and couch-locked for hours.
  • Many have reported that the strains make them feel good with euphoric and elated feelings. This is the reason why this strain works for people who are depressed or stressed.
  • The next popular effect was a happy feeling. With a decent amount of THC in it, it causes a high that is relaxing and uplifting. When the mind is relaxed, it will definitely have more happy feelings.
  • Many also reported that the strain is helpful in treating insomnia and helped them sleep better.
  • People with chronic fatigue or pain said that this strain reduced pain and tiredness and helped them relax.
  • People dealing with stress reported that it helped them relax and de-stress. It also has anxiety-reducing effects.
  • Side-effects include dry mouth and dry eyes.

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Cannabis and Mental Health Benefits

In recent decades, cannabis has gained huge popularity among its users. With the approval for medical cannabis, the popularity increased. The cannabis plant has CBD and THC, the two main cannabinoids that offer a wide range of benefits. Even though THC is known to cause high, it does offer relaxing effects when used in the proper amount.

With the coming of hybrid strains, users now have plenty of options. Indica strains are well-known for their high CBD content. This is why they are used for medicinal purposes. CBD has known to help reduce pain, fatigue, and mental conditions like stress and depression. Its ability to bind with the brain receptors makes it an effective alternative to pain medication.

More research is needed to further establish the effectiveness of cannabis in treating conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Pink Death Star is an all-Indica strain that offers deep relaxing effects.

The Bottom Line

Pink Death Star is a very popular hybrid strain from the Riot Seeds. It is an Indica strain and offers a wide range of effects. Relaxation and sleep are the two main effects it’s well-known for. Try this strain if you find its effects relatable. It is also high in THC and you have to use it in the evening as it also has a couch-locking effect.

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