Top 8 Quick Ways to Distinguish Good Weed from a Bad One

100 Dollar Ounce, Canada: Good Weed vs. Bad Weed

When shopping for weed online or looking for the best-quality 100 dollar ounce, Canada, the quality is always debatable. While some websites are strict regarding their quality testing procedures, others might not be as stringent. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t want to pay for poor quality or even a substandard weed product.

So, how can you possibly tell whether your weed is a good one or awful to the core?

This blog will list out the quick ways to help you carve your way to high-quality euphoria with $99 ounces, Canada.

Weed Quality: How to Detect it Right?

First things first, when ordering online, it sure is safer, but you won’t be able to tell the quality of the 100 dollar ounce, Canada, product before opening the package. All this would only be relevant after you have opened the package and in case you land with a bad one, save yourself from that choking and horrible taste.

1. Color:

When separating the good weed from a bad one, the first thing that you need to work with is your sight. Try to notice the color of the weed. The thumb of the rule for fresh and high-quality cannabis is the prominence of the color green. Apart from this, you can also notice a color range that includes light green, lime green, red, blue, purple, and even pink.

This sure is the easiest way by which you can pick up a fresh lot for yourself. On the other hand, anything that comes to brown is definitely bad weed. Oxidation is the reason for your weed to turn brown, and it might also pack in mold or pesticides.

Plus, brown weed can be pretty harsh on your lungs & has a low potency rate. It is best to avoid the color brown when you buy cheap ounces, Canada, especially with a tan, yellow, or red hints.

2. Smell:

The next step to detect good weed from the bad weed is by sniffing it out. In general, a good 100 dollar ounce, Canada weed would smell fresh with a particularly distinct and strong odor. Several users also report an aroma that is similar to skunks.

However, keep in mind that you need to avoid any weed that smells like hay or old grass. This is no doubt the smell of a bad weed.

3. Taste:

Another great way to check whether your $99 ounces Canada weed is bad or good if all else fails is to check its taste. A fresh bud will bring in a taste of chocolate-like bitterness that indicates it is an Indica variant. On the other hand, a citrus flavor denotes that you have Sativa strain.

Anything other than this is bound to be a bad weed that leaves an unnerving taste on your lips and tongue.

4. Crystals:

When scrolling through the pictures of weed buds over social media, you must have come across super-close pictures with unique tentacle-like protrusions coming out from the flower. These alien-looking elements are actually the trichomes of your weed bud.

These trichomes are responsible for determining the THC potency present in the weed. Good quality $99 ounces, Canada, weed would carry a lot of visible crystals as opposed to few or none denoting bad weed.

5. Feel:

Your marijuana bud should normally feel icky and sticky. If your weed bud doesn’t stick to your hand when being handled, it is way too dry to be consumed. However, you should also refrain from using a weed bud that is way too moist. This means it has started rotting away and can no longer be considered fresh.

A marijuana bud that has been cured perfectly would align somewhere between sticky and dry.

6. Sticks, Stems, and Seeds:

If you have recently purchased 100 dollar ounce Canada weed and it has sticks, stems, or seeds, you need to opt for an immediate refund. Perfectly picked and cured marijuana won’t have any of these and would be thicker.

7. Orange Hairs:

Small orange hairs present in the marijuana bud indicate better scope for pollination & represent a bud’s maturity. Top-quality $99 ounces, Canada, weed must have a lot of orange hairs and avoid purchasing one if none can be seen.

8. Well-Trimmed:

Although this isn’t indicative of good quality marijuana, a well-trimmed bud suggests that the grower has taken his/her time & effort to grow the plant. This is especially true for hand-trimmed marijuana. Growers that make use of massive trimming machines might damage its fragile trichome and reduce the overall potency.

So, you might want to stick with hand-trimmed marijuana buds.


Apart from these quality-check tips, you also need to check for contaminants that might have entered the bud, such as spider mites. Also, the key is to pick up lab-tested products when you buy cheap ounces, Canada. Following these tips religiously would allow you a chance to pick up on the top-shelf marijuana flowers that are potent enough to give you a good high. So, the next time you shop, we hope you would have a good time with the freshest bud available in your area!

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