Top 8 Weed Strains to Try During the Fall Season

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During autumn, while some individuals might be thinking about pumpkin spice lattes, we got something different on our minds. Of course, to buy online weeds & enjoy them! When the nights get colder & the days get shorter, nothing keeps you cozy like a soothing pot of fresh weed.

Whether you are snuggled up by a wood fire or indoors witnessing the leaves change color, you will surely enjoy these weed strains. Before you buy your weeds online, read on to discover the best weed strains for the fall season.

1-Blue Dream

It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid & is one of the most famous strains on the West Coast. Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry (Indica) & Haze (Sativa). It invigorates the consumer with a cerebral high whereas also giving a relaxed, Indica-generated body high.

Smoking this strain is the perfect way to kick back during the cozy fall season while also providing you the energy to step out & experience the abundance of easily available fall activities.

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2-Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies are amongst the most famous hybrids on the outlet & are a great way to escort in the autumn weather. A blend between OG Kush & Durban Poison, girl scout cookies will provide you a strong feeling of euphoria while offering a hallucinogenic body high as well.

However, this makes it perfect for walking out for a traditional fall activity, such as pumpkin picking or just chilling at home eating a whole box of Girl Scout cookies. No matter how you do it, girl scout cookies are definitely one of the best weed online strains to have this fall.

3-Bubba Kush

Ideal for a crisp autumn evening, this strain has a distinct smell, loading your nose with aromas of soil, dark chocolate, & coffee, followed up by the soft odor of rubber. While having Bubba Kush, potent earthy & hash-like flavors (sometimes coupled with a sweet but chewy one) are complemented by prominent tastes of coffee or chocolate. Bubba Kush is a tasty nighttime smoke in any season, but particularly excellent for colder nights of Autumn.

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4-Ghost OG

You are in the spookiest season, so you definitely can’t forget this weed strain! Ghost OG is a genotype of OG Kush & is pretty incomparable with regard to stress relief. Ghost OG brings a beautiful balance of Indica & Sativa. Moreover, this strain is intense yet allows you to be high-functioning, so you might do all the spooky & scary things you love to do during Halloween.

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5-Jack Frost

As the temperature goes down & things begin to get a bit frostier, let’s warm up with this fun strain & get uplifted. SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) is an actual thing that many individuals suffer from & the blues might start to advance just as the temperature goes down. However, Jack Frost might help you feel energized & uplifted, inspiring arousing cerebral highs.

Disembarking from the Jack Herer weed strain, Jack Frost has a very strong effect. Take some hits, go outside & hang with a few friends & shake off those forthcoming blues!

6-Blackberry Kush

Well, Blackberry Kush is an Indica-dominant weed strain that is ideal for the cozy autumn weather. A blend between Afghani & the classic Blackberry weed strains, Blackberry Kush will get you on your tush.

Moreover, it is sure to provide consumers with a profound body high, & most probably a case of the munchies. Therefore, if you are looking for weeds online, Blackberry Kush can be a cinch.

7-El Jefe Kief

El Jefe Kief is a potent Indica-dominant weed strain made by blending Abusive OG & Rare Dankness & is considered one of the best to have during the fall season. El Jefe Kief strain delivers a potent & relaxing high that you might feel all over your mind & body. Moreover, this strain offers an earthy, lemon scent with shades of spice & many believe that autumn is incomplete for a weed consumer without having this strain.

8-Thin Mint GSC

Thin Mint GSC, which is a hybrid blend containing OG Kush & Durban Poison genetics, is a phenotype of the famous GSC strain. Thin Mint GSC calls upon the powers of its Sativa, Indica, & hybrid ancestors for a potent full-body effect that provides this strain its sterling reputation. It is also great for motivating weed users on a gloomy autumn morning.


Think again if you did not think there was such a thing as seasonal weed strains. While you’re not limited to consuming these eight strains when the autumn hits, we recommend that you at least give some of them a try. Even though selecting your weed type mainly comes down to priority, these strains are sure to provide a soothing, autumn-centric high.

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