Weed Shatter: Decoding the right way to use it!

Weed Shatter: Decoding the right way to use it!

Industry experts determine to shatter as a form of marijuana extract, developed by extracting the essential oil of the plant, which contains the terpenes, cannabinoids, & other chemical composites found in the cannabis plant. The expression shatter particularly speaks of a specific texture of transparent cannabis concentrate that snaps & shatters like glass.

One of the most awesome & photogenic kinds of marijuana products on the market at the moment is shatter, also commonly called shatter, shatter wax, or marijuana shatter. It is one of the outright forms of marijuana concentrate. It contains higher THC than the ordinary flowers, clocking in about 80% THC.

This blog focuses on the best methods to consume shatter. When looking for the best quality $15 shatter, Canada, you need to keep these methods in mind prior to use. Here are some such longed-for methods.

1. Dab Rig

This is merely a glass pipe that is commonly used to flash vaporize most concentrates. It has a nozzle & a vertical chamber. You stick a tiny nail into this hole. Most of the time, the nail is composed of glass or even metal.

You then heat the tiny nail with a butane torch. Erstwhile the nail gets hot, move a small piece of weed shatter onto it. It is then burned-out, releasing a dense cloud of smoke. Now you can inhale the dense smoke from the burnt weed shatter. In case you want to make use of your shatter to the fullest, that is, without any depletion, make sure to wait till a clog begins to form or just burst the tiny nail again.

Straight away, the clog has developed on the dab rig, dip it in alcohol & let the substance boil. Hang on a few seconds for the alcohol to vaporize. Rub up the left-over material & dab it once again. You might get good quality dabs on the market. At the same time, always be keen to purchase the most effective items by checking out every feature.

2. Bong

Another simple way for learning how to smoke weed shatter — without a costly dab rig — involves the bong, which is everyone’s favorite. You can use your $99 oz Canada with the help of a classy bong to relish those flavors & get the right amount of high.

Here is how to smoke weed shatter with the help of a bong:

  • Box up the bowl about half-full
  • Add handful small pieces of weed shatter
  • Fill the remaining half of the bowl with ground bud
  • Finally, light it up & begin

Surrounding the weed shatter with ground marijuana holds the flame of the igniter from coming in contact with the weed concentrate & ruining it fully.

Instead, the heat from the scorching ganja (which is cooler than the open fire) vaporizes the weed shatter while conserving a huge bulk of the cannabinoids inside its chemical structure.

3. Vape Pen

Some vape pens as well have the capability to vaporize weed shatter, but always make sure to read the specifications before you purchase it.

Most hand-held vaporizers only scorch vape juice or accept particular pre-filled cartridges.

The more costly ones let you decrease or increase the heat with a view to vaporize different kinds of concentrates, including weed shatter.

These kinds of vape pens are problematic – there are several settings you have to change before you can smoke — have a sharp learning curve, & need lots of training to master.

Vape pens are for sure the right way, but learning how to smoke weed shatter in a bong or joint is a better utilization of your precious time.


These here are the 3 best ways to utilize the weed shatter concentrate. In case you are new in this world, you might better begin with the use of a joint or bong as you advance to the most sophisticated ways.

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