What are the best Ways to use Shatter?

What are the best Ways to use Shatter?

Shatter is relatively new to the cannabis world, more specifically, the legal weed world. It comes from the cannabis plant and falls in the category of extracts. Like other cannabis extracts, shatter too has a higher percentage of THC in it, making it a highly potent weed product.

For those who are not familiar with shatter, it’s a glass-like substance with rich golden-amber hue. It is extracted using a solvent like propane, butane or a mixture of both. The high THC content makes it a powerful cannabis product. If you want to enjoy the “high” of your life, shatter is the best option. You can buy shatter online in Canada, now that’s it completely legal to buy weed.

If you are a beginner and looking for information on how to use shatter, you are in the right place.

What is shatter and how it is made

Shatter is a weed extract that looks like glass and can shatter like glass too. Meaning, if you drop shatter, it will break into pieces just like glass. It mostly has an amber hue, but it can be light or dark, depending on the maker.

Shatter is extracted using a method where solvent like butane is used to separate the trichomes from the cannabis plants, mostly the buds. This helps in concentrating the cannabinoids like THC, and terpenes present in cannabis buds.

You will find trichomes on the cannabis plants as small, glass-like droplets structure. It has the highest concentration of THC and CBD in it. The process of making shatter is easy, but it should be done by an experienced person only. It will be safer to buy shatter online in Canada rather than make it. The cannabis buds are soaked in liquid butane, propane or any other solvent where the trichomes are separated from plant. The liquid is now highly concentrated with THC. Now this liquid concentrate is heated to remove the liquid solvent as much as possible.

The concentrate mixture is then allowed to settle down, which results in the formation of a thin sheet of the extracted material.

How to Use Shatter

You can use shatter in many different ways. From traditional smoking to vaping and dabbing. Here is how you can use shatter for the desired results:

  • Vaping

Vaping has become one of the most popular methods of using cannabis. With a vaping device, you can use cannabis in dry herb form, liquid or extract form. Vaping is perfect for shatters. You can put a small amount of shatter in the vaping device and heat at the temperature you want and then dense vapor that comes out of it is all yours. It is an easy and effortless method of using cannabis products like shatter.

Vaping devices are designed for easy use. It is portable too, which means you can carry them with you whenever you want. Plus, you can choose from a wide range of vaping devices, some come with advanced features like multiple temperature settings.

  • Dabbing

Dabbing is another popular way of using shatter. It is similar to vaping, but in dabbing, a higher temperature is used to heat the cannabis. This results in a little combustion or burning of the shatter. The smoke you inhale will be much harsher than vaping but less harsh than smoking a joint. Nevertheless, it is one of the best methods of enjoying potent cannabis products like shatter and getting the “high” you want easily.

  • Smoke a Joint

If you want to go all old school then smoke a joint by mixing your cannabis flower with some shatter. It will increase its potency and will make it a more powerful smoke. All you need a rolling paper or a pre-roll. Take some ground shatter and put them in the roll and smoke it. You can also add shatter to a blunt or pipe by mixing a bit of flower and shatter in it.

  • Edibles

Edibles are again one of the most popular methods of using shatter, especially for people who do not want to smoke. You can buy edibles online or you can make some with shatter. You can easily buy shatter online in Canada and get it delivered to your doorstep. With $15 shatter in Canada, you can buy your favorite cannabis at a very affordable price. You mix the ground shatter with your food like brownies or cookies. Or you can heat butter with a bit of shatter in it and use it to make your favorite cake. You can use it any way you like.

The Bottom-line

Shatter is one of the best forms of cannabis you can buy online. It has a higher concentration of THC in it and is a powerful cannabis extract. You can use them in various ways, such as smoking, dabbing, vaping and as edibles.

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