What are the different grades of weed, and how to identify them?

What are the different grades of weed, and how to identify them?

Weed is a natural product & the world of weed is ample with various types & new strain choices. While most often, this side of weed is celebrated & even revered, it as well means that each bud consumed has gone through various stages of life prior to coming to you.

With every single step like flowering, breeding, or storing, there is the opportunity to append quality & value to the commodity. However, there is also the opportunity of something going sideways, with the final product emerging as nothing further than schwag.

When you’re buying weed, there is a lot of variety in the quality you can have. Not all weed looks similar. Some kinds of stuff have more stems, while others are full of dense, thick, trichome-filled buds. Therefore, you will notice strains labeled under various types of weed quality while you buy.

Now, let’s take a brief look at the different grades of weed & how you will be able to identify them before you buy weed online.

1. Poor Reggie Weed

You will know that you are going to get some poor weed when you hear Reggie. This is the basic dirt weed that the shrewd stoner will avert at all costs.

You may take it as a last chance, but only as a last chance. Reggie weed is very dry & full of seeds & stems. You will as well notice when you take it that it is even more drastic on your lungs than high-quality weed.

How to identify Poor Reggie Weed?

Reggie weed surely doesn’t have a reputation for providing a killer buzz.

Reggie weed has the usual skunky odor that is commonly linked with cannabis, though many as well detect a slightly sweet component to the odor also. Mostly you will notice that the odor is extremely strong.

Taste is another field that Reggie generally falls short of. A taste will eventually be determined at least in components by the situations under which the bud was grown. In general, Reggie weed tends to be very drastic, very skunky, with worldly notes that you might or might not care for.

It is not necessarily the dreadful taste in the world, but it does deficit the subtle flavor that some of the top-shelf grades are able to boast.

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2. Mid-grade Weed

Definitely, there is nothing bad with some mid-grade weed. It is certain to cure whatever bothers you. While it would not have the similar knockout effect of, in fact, primo kush, it will for sure help ensure you have a really nice day.

How to identify Mid-grade Weed?

Mid-grade weed is going to be fine & leafy with vivid green parches & a bit of dark green notes are laid into the blend as well.

You can as well expect to see a bit of hair on the mids. These succulent fibers are likely going to primarily be orange & red, but surely, there are a lot of variations also. You will notice a much richer vibrant grade to this bud that normally is absent with Reggie.

In short, this weed will have an intangibly vibrant quality to it that the low-cost stuff does not have.

The buzz of a mid-grade weed is a little bit gentler & more nuanced than that of a low-quality product. A good mid will gradually make you feel more relaxed & maybe quite hungry.

Like Reggie weed, a good mid-grade is going to one-half equal parts skunky & perfumed notes. At the same time, there is also going to be a pleasant rich dank grade to it that will differentiate it from the cheap product.

3. Top Dank Weed

When we discuss the quality of weed, there is nothing better than a nice, dank weed. Dank weed is indeed an onset of the medical & now ludic era. This product has been manufactured through science to become as dope as possible.

The danker will be the weed, the better it will be.

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How to identify Top Dank Weed?

Dank weed is a genuine sight to behold. In case you get a bag of dense viscid weed, you can be quite comfortable & confident in the event that you are getting the excellent stuff. With top dank weed, you must expect to see a lot of trichomes gleam in the light & many strains emerge to be covered in a layer of white dust.

Noticeably, it is also hairy & it will widely feature dark green, red, purple, or orange tones though this is mostly subject to the type of the strain.

Top dank weed is going to be quite potent. So long as you have a quite developed endurance, a big bag of viscid hairy dopey weed is likely going to leave you restrained for a while.


The world of weed can be a puzzling place, notably when it arrives at understanding the various grades of weed. That is why such an easy grading method of weed – poor, mid-grade & dank – has had such an intense effect on the market & what individuals consume.

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