What are the Rules Followed by the Cannabis Online Dispensary, Canada?

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Nowadays, having cannabis delivered right to your doorstep safely is more crucial than ever. For medical inmates who can’t make it to their nearby dispensary, ordering cannabis thru an online dispensary grants them convenient access to the cannabis product they need. However, for recreational consumers, delivery means both convenience & safety.

Canada made a record by becoming the largest country in this globe to completely legalize adult-use marijuana on October 17, 2018, & the opportunities for retail-centered entrepreneurs are immense.

But before you carry on to check out on just any online dispensary, you should know about the rules that every online dispensary is bound to follow. After all, several shady cannabis dispensary operations are posing as legitimate dispensaries, & you need to safeguard yourself from getting cheated with a substandard product.

Rules that an Online Cannabis Dispensary Should Follow

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1-Having Professional Looking Internet Websites

A legal online dispensary with an e-business component will want a website that properly showcases its products with proper graphic design, working links, & a homepage saying that they take pride in what they do. On the other hand, night owl setups are more likely to peddle illegal weed on makeshift websites with misprinted product descriptions, counterintuitive navigation, & shoddy graphics.

2-Should Offer Secured Payment Methods

With regard to the checkout method, a legit online dispensary should only ask for payment via debit card, PayPal, credit card, or any other major trusted & secured payment system. In case the dispensary wants you to settle up through cryptocurrency or e-transfer, bailout without a thought.

3-Should Be Careful About Age Verification

Every online dispensary in Canada is required by law to check every customer’s age upfront. If you open a cannabis retailing site & there is no pop-up tab asking for your age, that might raise some profound red flags. However, chances are you are dealing with a scoundrel reefer retailer.

4-Must Sell Secured & Certified Products

All cannabis products sold in every legal online dispensary should be sealed with a revenue stamp. Well, this ensures that your cannabis product is produced following the highest of standards & free of other chemicals. It also ensures that THC levels are correctly labeled. Therefore, before finishing your transaction, check for this revenue stamp.

5-Should not Make Any Sort of Fishy Delivery Promises

If an online cannabis dispensary is promising to deliver your cannabis purchase outside the province, you are surely dealing with an illegal dealer. Canada has adequately strict rules about this. You are better off with a trusted, licensed online dispensary that knows the law.

6-Must Have Traceable Contact Information

A legit online cannabis dispensary must have an email address related to the business site – not an individual Hotmail account. Every authorized dispensary must converse with their customers via their registered email or phone number only. So, if someone from the dispensary returns your call with a message, you are more than likely addressing an illegal retailer.

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7-Should Clearly State Their Policies

Every legit online cannabis dispensary should have a legible return & privacy policy. If you open a website & a return & privacy policy tab won’t pop up on your screen, you should pull out from the site immediately. Privacy is one of the most crucial factors & every online dispensary must have this policy.

However, most people are guilty of checking the small box before reading the terms of consent on most websites. But it is always a good practice while buying cannabis online to ensure that the online dispensary you are buying from is legit.

What are the Cannabis Marketing Restrictions?

According to Health Canada’s rules & regulations, an online dispensary can’t promote cannabis or any cannabis product or any service associated with cannabis unless authorized under the Cannabis Act. These prohibitions involve advertising cannabis through endorsements, testimonials, or portraying cannabis as if it is linked to a lifestyle such as one that includes recreation, glamour, excitement, risk, daring, or vitality.

Guidelines for cannabis sales are still lacking & Health Canada evaluates every violation on a case-by-case principle. Several provinces depend on the federal advertising rules & regulations, while some provinces like British Columbia & Alberta have slight variations.

Here are some of the marketing restrictions for an online dispensary:

  • Paid Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads
  • Display cannabis commodities on your website
  • Outdoor Signage (even though some provinces, such as Alberta, permits signage but restricts the content to name & address)
  • Using coupons
  • Communicating details about price
  • Using celebrity endorsement
  • Free samples
  • Sell merchandise

Now let’s take a look at the marketing techniques that are allowed for an online dispensary:

  • Developing a firm online presence
  • Engage users through social media
  • Building your brand
  • Content marketing to organic power search
  • Email marketing
  • Certain kinds of cannabis events, usually confined to intra-industry events
  • Informational Promotion (should be communicated to people over 18 years & is identified by name)


Suppose you are looking forward to purchasing cannabis online. In that case, there are numerous things to watch over to ensure that you’re protecting yourself, in particular your well-being, keeping your financial info secured, & that you are purchasing your cannabis from legal sources.

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