What is pink death strain? What are its characteristics?

pink death strain

Pink Death marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid blend between Pink Kush & Death Bubba. These crystallized, dense, frigid buds are fresh with aromas of sweet gas & pine, leaving you euphoric & relaxed. Pink death strain is crossbred from parents Pink Kush & Death Bubba, providing you a melted sensation of deep bliss as your cares float away. Moreover, it is excellent for a chilled-out day where you find yourself bed-ridden.

THC Content in Pink Death Strain

As stated earlier, the pink death strain was created by breeding a blend of Death Bubba & Pink Kush. As an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, it carries 80-percent Indica dominance to 20-percent Sativa & an average THC level of around 23-25%.

You will find that Pink Kush is a heavy Indica-dominant strain with 90-percent Indica & 10-percent Sativa & averages at 20-percent THC levels with 1% CBN & 1% CBD. On the other hand, Death Bubba has a bit lower dominance of Indica, around 70-percent & with 30-percent Sativa, & boasts THC levels of 25% to 27%.

Pink death’s powerful effects might be attributed to these potent genetics as the higher THC content of itself & its parent strains all range above average than others available on the outlet.

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Appearance, Flavor & Smell

Pink death strain’s jar appeal is easily apparent. Pink death strain is supremely sticky, substantially oozing its thick covering of trichomes. Moreover, it has dense nugs that are mostly olive-green colors. Some brighter hues of green do appear, as does a faint pink aura. Knotted rusty fibers weave the surface of the flowers, rupturing from between them.

Pink death marijuana strain features a mild, homogenous scent. It does not quite dial into any aroma too precisely. Sometimes it includes elements of specific distinct smells, like the acrid puff of diesel fumes, alongside an extensive shot of general spices. A few astute nostrils might uncover a faint herbal scent as well.

Furthermore, this strain’s smoke has a thick rich texture, rinsing across your taste buds as it delivers its flavor. The taste of this strain is reminiscent of its aroma, with numerous different characteristics competing for power.

Pink Death Strain’s High

Pink Death strain’s high fiercely exhibits all the best features its Indica-dominant genetics have to offer. It is sublimely serene, welcoming smokers into a meditating state without any concerns or worries. Another crucial feature of the pink death strain is its lightheaded body high, which might lead to couch-lock. Moreover, it also possesses a stirring, happy boost in humor.

The strain’s high THC content of around 20-25% makes this strain slightly more potent than the average marijuana strain. Newbies should not be intimidated by this marijuana strain, though. It is fairly bearable for those still getting to understand marijuana.

Indica-dominant strain, like the pink death strain, possesses potent medicinal benefits. Historically, this strain has exhibited the ability to assist lull consumers in sleep. It also has a reputation for being a possible pain reliever & may be able to minimize inflammation. Some consumers have also used this marijuana strain to overcome anxiety, stress, & depression.

Effects of Pink Death Marijuana Strain

Psychoactive Effects of pink death strain include:

  • Relaxed: 100%
  • Happy: 70%
  • Uplifted: 43%
  • Euphoric: 60%
  • Hungry: 35%

Pink death strain’s Indica-dominant genetics bestow it with all the stuff you could desire. It boosts your mood with silly, happy, uplifting vibes that cast out worry & care. Moreover, this strain is highly relaxing & borders on drowsy if you consume too much.

Pink death strain will take you on a voyage as this strain is famous for its potent body effects. Consumers report that while high, this marijuana strain brings a feeling of euphoria & relaxation. Some also report having those happy giggles when on this strain. Generally, this is one of those happy marijuana strains that help you wear off all your concerns! Moreover, this is the perfect marijuana strain to get your head into a positive & relaxed state.

As you move down the rabbit burrow, you will find your body feeling lighter. As the euphoria makes all your stress & discomfort float away, many individuals report feeling greatly positive & at ease. Then, with time, you will notice your eyelids (palpebra) getting heavier & heavier before you nod off to the land of dreams. Be prepared to get lots of munchies prepared, as this strain might build up your appetite.

Medicinal Effects of Pink Death Marijuana Strain

Many medical inmates prefer Indica-dominant strains, like pink death strain, over Sativa-dominant strains or hybrids. That is because the pink death marijuana strain can be particularly efficient at relieving specific medical problems. They also appear to be efficient at combating mental conditions like anxiety & depression. They also have numerous physical benefits such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Low appetite
  • Relief from perennial muscle & joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia

Its full-body stone might provide temporary relief from depression, anxiety, & even PTSD. Moreover, it can also soothe pains & aches, while anti-inflammatory traits might take care of day-to-day annoyances, such as nausea.

In high enough dosages, pink death marijuana strain can be a good method to treat insomnia. Due to its relative lack of profound cerebral effects, this strain can be a good option for those prone to insomnia or having a lower THC tolerance.


Now that you have gone through the pink death marijuana strain characteristics all, you might conclude that it is amongst the best Indica-dominant marijuana strains out there. We hope all this information is enough to convince you to try this happy strain.

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