Why Flower/Bud Remains The Most Popular Form of Cannabis Consumption

Why Flower/Bud Remains The Most Popular Form of Cannabis Consumption

Before the arrival of edibles, capsules and tinctures, smoking flower or cannabis bud was the most common way of consumption. Today, you have more than a dozen ways to consume weed products. Yet, the bud or the raw cannabis form remains one of the most popular consumption methods.

It is the most common and preferred method of using cannabis. It is the raw form of the plant that hasn’t been extracted or converted into any other form like edibles or oils.

There are many reasons why the weed flower remains a popular choice still.

What is a Cannabis Flower?

Cannabis flower is also known as “bud”. The bud is a result of the entire process of cultivation, harvesting, drying and processing. You cannot use the raw flower directly from the plant. It needs to be dried and processed under a suitable environment to keep its potency. The entire processes makes it smokable.

The cannabis flower can be used in various ways like joints, pre-rolls and bongs. One of the reasons why people love it is that it offers an instant effect. And, the effect can last from one to few hours.

Buying Option for Cannabis Flowers

You can buy weed flowers in two popular forms:

1. Loose Flowers

Cannabis plants have THC in it which makes people get high. But the most potent part of the plant is the bud. It has a high level of THC and most of the products are made from it alone. Other parts of the plants like the leaves and stems are also used. Buds are the raw form of the cannabis plants that you can buy from a dispensary where you can also get $100 ounce in Canada. You can then use these flowers to smoke in various ways.

2. Pre-rolls

Pre-rolls are the cannabis flowers that have been rolled for easy consumption. You don’t have to go through the process of grinding, rolling, packing and wrapping. It is already done for your, which will save a lot of your time. You can buy these pre-rolls from an online dispensary.

They are one of the most common methods of flower consumption. Perfectly packed pre-rolls are the best for stoners who are always on the go and don’t have time to sit and roll perfectly rolled joints.

Using a Blunt

A blunt is similar to joints except you have to use an empty cigar wrap or backwoods for the purpose. Most of the users simply buy cigars from the store and empty it to fill it with ground flowers. Then the cigar wrap is carefully and precisely rolled to perfection. You can buy loose flowers $99 ounces in Canada. It is an easy and convenient way of consuming cannabis.

Smoking Flowers With Pipes

Pipes are hand-held devices used for smoking flowers or buds. It doesn’t require power, battery, or water, and can be used very conveniently. They come in various materials like wood, glass, and even silicone, although glass is the most popular material. Just put the flower in the round shape space at the end of the pipe, heat it, and toke. It is a perfect cannabis device to use when you are traveling or want a discreet consumption method.

Using Flowers With Vaporizers

Vaporizers or the vapes are one of the most popular methods of consumption of cannabis. Not just buds, you can use it to smoke a wide range of cannabis products like hash, budder, shatter and more.

Vaporizers have become so popular. In fact, it will top the list of marijuana devices given the number of brands propping each day. The online market is littered with a wide range of vaporizers with different features. You can choose from various sizes, heating options, haptic feedback, and more.

Vaporizers are popular because it allows you to fully utilize the product and get the purest smoke. The vapor that comes out of the vapes are thick and pure without any contamination. Since the product is not directly heated, the smoke doesn’t have the same harmful effect as cigarettes.

The Bottom-line

Flower is one of the most popular consumption methods for cannabis as it offers better high. Its high potency and various options of consumption makes it a desirable option. You can easily buy $100 ounce in Canada and start smoking your favorite bud.

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