Death Bubba: Everything You Need to Know About It!

Death Bubba

With a name that dawdles too close to its sleep-inciting features, death bubba is a much potent strain that provides strong results. The most highlighting characteristic of this strain is its ability to take out even the most seasoned consumers after just some hits. Many consumers classify the deep sleep caused by this strain as the closest experience to a death kind of deep sleep in the bier.

The death bubba cannabis strain is an amalgamation created from the blending of Bubba Kush with the Death Star strain. The resultant potent cannabis strain is sure to take you on a hallucinatory journey.

History of Death Bubba Strain

The death bubba cannabis strain is a catchy term where everyone is curious & willing to give it a go. Now let’s talk about the history of Death Bubba.

Behind its intriguing name, Death bubba cannabis strain is the offspring of Bubba Kush & Death Star. However, this strain is grown by Matteo Suleyman himself of Sea to Sky in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Death Bubba cannabis strain is a blended Indica-dominant strain, composed of 70% Indica & 30% Sativa with a very high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content of up to 27-percent. Moreover, it is rich in trichomes & terpenes.

It was cultivated by Matteo Suleyman, the proprietor of Sea to Sky Alternative Healing Clinic located in Vancouver, British Columbia. As you know beforehand, Vancouver, British Columbia, is famous for its beautiful landscapes, sceneries & is well-known for its native types of seafood. And at present, Vancouver is best known for its Death Bubba Kush.

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Why is Death Bubba Famous?

After consuming the first puff of this strain, you will right away feel the rush of intellectual high, making you feel like warped in a cotton ball floating in the air while its medical properties rush in your entire body. Then an energy burst will increase your focus & motivation.

As this Death Bubba cannabis strain’s high rises, you’ll find yourself parting from social activities pivoting your consciousness to focus deep in your thoughts. And shortly afterward, someone will find you sleeping deep on your comfortable & soft couch.

Effects of Death Bubba 

Boasting a staggering 22-27% THC, Death Bubba is a very potent strain that has the potency to knock out consumers.

During the onset, it starts with a euphoretic rush to the head that helps clear your mind & lightens your mood. It also makes consumers feel energized & motivated to be active. However, feeling upbeat & cheerful might not last long once the traits of Indica weave their magic.

From a gentle, tingling sensation, soon your limbs feel a smidge but numb as your body high increases. It helps calm your nerves & bring about an exalted feeling. Slowly, too, your mind turns spacey as you fall under deep introspection. Lost in your own thoughts, you might eventually doze off to sleep.

Moreover, the Death Bubba strain’s numbing effect can be good for your muscle spasm, chronic pain, & inflammation.

If you have insomnia & other sleeping disorders, this strain is recommended as it will make you sleepy & fall into a deep sleep.

However, newbies of the marijuana world are recommended to be careful of the Death Bubba strain, as moderate & heavy consumers reported that this strain is the strongest.

The fragrance of Death Bubba

The pungent & dank fragrance of Death Bubba might only add to the charm of its notorious-sounding name. However, it does come with a shockingly pleasing musky & earthy mix with a note of pine.

Flavors of Death Bubba

Often, cannabis strains taste similar to its fragrance. However, Death Bubba deviates a bit as its profile has a strong flavor of pine & lemon together with a sweet aftertaste.

Time of Using Death Bubba

The best time to take this famous Death Bubba cannabis strain is just before going to bed at night or wherever you relax your muscles & releasing your tiredness of the day after work.

Also, if you do not have any plans all day & feeling adventurous, you might wake & bake with this magnificent strain.

Benefits from Death Bubba

Death Bubba cannabis strain can also be used as a pain reliever, anti-depressant, & reduces stress. It is also known that it might help to treat a few conditions, which include:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Nightmares
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Migraines

Adverse Reactions

Apart from many good effects like happiness, relaxation, & euphoria, Death Bubba also has some adverse reactions if you are not careful.

The intensity with which it might put people in bliss is an advantage sought after by recreational & medical users. At the same time, staying true to its cannabis nature might induce dry eyes & a dry mouth. In some cases, it might as well cause some users to feel dizzy.

And, if someone were to take one or two extra hits than what is already sufficient, it might become overbearing. In that case, it might make some consumers feel more anxious or delusional.


Death Bubba cannabis strain is an extremely potent strain. If you have years of expertise under your belt & want a night of staggering sleep, Death Bubba is the best option. A tasty flavor profile & tremendous effects make Death Bubba a favorite of many.

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