How to use shatter with a vape pen?

How to use shatter with a vape pen?

It can be a bit confusing for a lot of individuals to understand how they might smoke $15 shatter, Canada, using a vape pen as the world has witnessed a revolution regarding the consumption of cannabis. Now let’s learn more about it in detail.

What is shatter?

Shatter is a transparent concentrate that looks like rock candy & Jolly Rancher considerably. Just like other concentrates produced from butane, this one is as well produced when the chemical is forced thru the cannabis material, generating an amber liquid. This liquid then turns into shatter as it hardens after allowed to get cool.

Now that you know what shatter is, to get optimum quality shatter, you can look for shatter online, Canada and select the best products.

Traditional ways of vaping shatter

Nowadays, the most valid questions coming to people’s minds are: how to vape $15 shatter, Canada, & how to use it.

Considering the popularity of cannabis, it is expected that vaping cannabis, including shatter, is either of those trends that is not likely to die out with time. Thus, it’s innate that new & easier ways would be formulated for consuming them.

Now let us check out some of the traditional ways through which shatter is used up before you go to buy shatter, Canada.

  • Water pipe
  • E-nail
  • Dome
  • Blow torch
  • Dab tool

Nowadays, compact & mobile vaping devices are being introduced into the market with the development of industry. The vape pen is amongst the most well-liked devices. You currently have the choice of consuming your $15 shatter, Canada, with the help of a vape pen.

Step-by-step method of using a vape pen

So, before you buy shatter, Canada, read the upcoming content to know more regarding vaping shatter using vape pens.

Step-1: Choosing the Concentrate

The reputation of vape pens has a lot to do with their versatility than only the smoking experience that they provide.

All that you require to do is assure that the right atomizer is chosen, which is convenient for the substance brought from shatter online, Canada, you want to smoke. A shatter vape pen is a great versatile tool that might be used for any dry herb or concentrate with ease.

The question that arises now is that why would you prefer a shatter considering all the choices that you have. This is due to the fact that producing clear & stable shatter requires technical skills that are much more than the normal oil of butane hash. To summarize, shatter online, Canada is among the most technical & beautiful concentrates one will find on the market.

Step-2: Loading the Chamber

If you’ve not selected your shatter yet, then you can opt to buy shatter, Canada, to get the best shatter product. Afterward, selecting the shatter you wish to use, the further move is loading up. You will get an open area for concentrates alongside atomizer coils while the vape pen’s chamber is opened.

Scrap a small quantity of shatter over the end of the dabber with the help of a dabbing tool. Later, this is scraped off in the chamber. Prevent from touching the extract with your fingers because the marijuana is quite delicate & can be damaged due to this. Ensure that you don’t touch the inside heating element also since it gets ruined easily, as well.

Step-3: Prime the Chamber Prior to Taking a Hit

You might close the chamber with ease & move on to taking a hit right away. However, most individuals prefer priming the strand before. This method is for those who are searching for a more powerful vaping experience. Due to this, a lot of vapor clouds are produced.

Erstwhile closing the chamber, press the button down for a short time. This primes the strand & melts the shatter in the base. The melted shatter encloses the heating element in the device.

So, the next time you buy shatter, Canada, make sure you have all the essentials to use it right away.

Step-4: The First Breathe in

The heating coil is warmed up by pushing the button down. You might then take a long pull off the nozzle & enjoy the exquisite taste. In case you are up for a bit of technical stuff, you might alter the vape pen’s heat setting.

The low temperature will offer you tasty & smooth respires. Higher temperature provides harsh vapor with a much powerful pull. The appropriate temperature for you also relies on the shatter you make use of. At the end of the day, your shatter smoking experience relies totally on your preference.

After you’re done ordering shatter online, Canada, you can use those above steps to enjoy your shatter with the help of a vape pen.


Learning the method of smoking shatter with the help of a vape pen is a skill every true marijuana enthusiast should master as vaping has in years moved out of the domain of a passing fashion report & is now fully rooted in cannabis culture. Nowadays, vaping methods have exploded onto the market, including the launching of the vape pen.

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